Let’s Explore RipX DAW And RipX DAW Pro


RipX DAW is an innovative DAW from Hit’n’Mix, the company behind DeepRemix and DeepAudio. We’re taking a closer look at the software and offering one free RipX DAW PRO license to one lucky BPB reader.

Hit’n’Mix states that RipX DAW is a unique DAW that offers the “first, truly holistic AI music production workflow.”

This is because RipX DAW uses AI to “sample, customize, clean up, transform, rearrange and re-play melodic ideas directly from an AI music generator,” which can be used to create new songs or add parts to existing projects. 

Hit’n’Mix also says that RipX DAW will soon be the “world’s first spatial and 3D AI DAW, allowing for immersive music-making.”

In addition to this, RipX DAW can create stems from “any mono/stereo recording, remixing, learning, practicing and recording any instrument such as guitar or keys to any song, sound blending and replacement, and extracting and exporting MIDI files.”

The release has two versions: RipX DAW ($99) and RipX DAW Pro ($198).

RipX DAW has everything described above and more, while RipX DAW Pro offers the same plus enhanced stem cleanup, advanced audio repair and effects as well as AudioShop advanced creative tools. 

At the core of RipX DAW is the Rip Audio format, which treats MIDI and audio files as one, meaning no separate audio and MIDI tracks need to be created like in other stock DAWs.

This means that once your files are loaded in the DAW, there is no distinction and all the features of the DAW can be applied to the files, from editing and effects. 

RipX DAW has 6+ tracks of stem and instrument separation, each of which can be independently soloed, muted, extracted, and adjusted.

You can also further edit stems and instruments into editable notes, chords, and unpitched sounds.

Now, it goes without saying how powerful and versatile that functionality is, and you could really go to town using all that in ways that wouldn’t be possible in many stock DAWs or, at the very least, wouldn’t have all that integrated into a seamless workflow.

RipX DAW was released in November 2023, so there are plenty of demos and reviews online at this point. 

If you prefer to get a hands-on feel for the workflow, you can try out RipX DAW for free with the 21-day trial. 

The Hit’n’Mix product line previously featured the DeepRemix, DeepCreate, and DeepAudio modules.

The developer has now streamlined these offerings into two products, RipX DAW and RipX DAW Pro.

RipX DAW is compatible with macOS 10.12 or newer and Windows 7 or newer.

More info: Free Trial / Buy RipX DAW

The Giveaway

Hit’n’Mix kindly provided one free RipX DAW PRO license for one lucky BPB reader.

To enter the giveaway, please answer the following question in the comments below: What AI-powered feature would you like to see in your DAW?

We will randomly choose one lucky winner on March 15th, 2024.

Good luck, everyone, and thank you for reading BPB! :)

The winner is Ja, who responded: “I would love an all-encompassing AI humanization for audio (rather than midi), factoring in note displacement, ASDR variability, pitch drift, maybe even micro reverb adjustments to sound more natural. That’s just features I could think of off the top of my head.”

Congratulations! Your prize will soon be delivered via email.

Check out the deal: RipX DAW ($99, Pro version $198, 21-day FREE trial) 


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Steve is a musician and journalist who hails from Melbourne, Australia. He learned everything he knows about production from Google and used that vast knowledge to create a series of records you definitely haven’t heard of.


    • Ettienne Lane


      The largest hassle for me with loop based production is searching for melodic loops and finding plenty but 99 out of a hundred do not fit with the vocal you already have, the initial loop you found or you chord progression.

      Therefore, the best AI powered feature would be to feed the AI the loop you like and tell it to place it in a major or minor key or merely tell it what chord progression to follow. The AI then recreates the loop. It would save a ton of time since I normally spend hours to find something that finally match.

    • Alan Tokelove


      I’d like to see a AI vst that can process samples to fix perfectly, musically and sonicly into the style of music being produced.

    • I Enjoy browsing to find sounds in my vst plugins, and I enjoy creating the pattern arrangements and song arranging; yet a great weakness on how to have the right touch and right kind of the mixing/vst effect to not only bring out each instrument but also to compliment all of the instruments. To mix and master efficiently each track I make on a professional level, now that would be the half of producing I would love to see!

      • Grant Thunder


        Would be cool to see AI based song template built from a simple idea. Like if you record one bar of a chord sequence that has the basis of a good song in it (melodies and anything included) and your not sure where you want to take it, AI could be useful to give song structures, key change ideas, timing and tempo ideas, progressions just to aid in the creative process. Only say as this does happen to me quite a bit. Should be something, like a button with simple filter questions/options, you can generate instantly so that spark of inspiration is not lost.

    • IA… I would like it to have a frequency analyzer… of the resonances that contribute nothing to the mix… of each instrument …

  1. A great feature would be an AI-generated arrangement template, based on an existing reference track, splitting my project into sections (intro, breakdown, chorus etc.). Thank you.

  2. Hi, maybe not AI, but I would like to have a headphone and speaker calibration tool in the DAW that knows the respective frequency responses of the models, but where I can also enter the conditions of the mix environment via text (e.g. size of the room and where the speakers are located – corner, distance to the wall, etc.).
    This could be particularly useful for producers with limited space.

  3. integrated text-to-singing would be nice, with UI like Vocaloid, but based on an engine similar to MultilingualV2, which goes with ability to clone any vocal.
    that would be infinitely cool and i believe it’s a matter of months, not years, until someone offers such a feature :)

  4. I would like Grid in Bitwig Studio to be able to recreate the settings to match the timbre, like Synplant 2 does

  5. If AI can balance a mix with automation before the mastering stage, it would make my work of dishing out content for the rat race of social media and regular posting much easier.

  6. I want AI to take written input (lets say: “Make this synth more analogue”) and receive as outupt the modification of the plugins inside my DAW (lets say that the AI adjust and optimize the filter type cutoff, saturation and the synth detune voices). Regards!

  7. i’m more curious about what’s more to come than anything else. but i’d prefer seeing it in more subtle ways

  8. High quality stem ,some suggest about level balancing and mixing,piano and strings ‘s dynamics envelope

  9. An AI assistant multi-task , AI Equalizer ,AI Track Mix …:-)
    AI on the Mixer that´s must be a top feature :-)

  10. AI Hearing ,a feature where AI is taught how we hear an perceive sound. With this ability and access to every sound tool, AI would understand “what sounds good to us”, after all–Hearing is Believing !!!

  11. Matthew Carter


    I’d like to see AI powered re-tuning of instruments in DAWs. Something that could automatically re tune stringed instruments like guitars while maintaining sound quality through AI, as well as transpose audio recordings on the fly while maintaining sound quality.

  12. AI mixing for sure! I’d love to have it determine which parts of a song are important at which point, such as the lead melody during the drop, and be able to not only mix the other instruments so it’s pushed forward, but know when the drop is transitioning to push it back and allow the other elements to take over into the next segment of the track. stuff like that would be awesome!

  13. I would like continuous AI music project analysis plus prompting
    This enables:
    – creative help for each DAW element (suggestions with effects, routing, volumes, panning, a.o.)
    – creative help for each music project element (chord progression, solo instrument note completion, harmonies, a.o.)

  14. I’d like an AI tool that suggests extended chords and exotic scales based on the context of the music you’re writing.

  15. I’d love to have AI choose an effect chain (based on most used effects, plugins and chains) so I can finally get some use out of those plugins I’ve never used 😂

  16. If AI could be directed towards mid-side processing, at track level, bus level and mastering level, that would be very helpful for me. But it should aim not only to *do* the processing but also to *teach* the processing, so that we all can learn best practices for mid-side.

    That continues to be my wish.

  17. I like the stem separation. It has come along way from when lailailai came out wit the stem separation. However, it appears to only separate stems on certain mixes. I couldn’t do a separation from a theme song from the late 70s at all. So something that can separate stems from any song any form of music no matter what year n how it wuz mixed n mastered. I’d like to see this in Reason.

  18. I would like automatic time signature detection. I often start a melody in 4/4 on the piano roll and it becomes clear that the melody I’m writing doesn’t actually fit 4/4. Trying to then identify what the time signature should be is not one of my strengths!

  19. I would like automatic time signature detection. I often start writing a melody on 4/4 on the piano roll only to find the melody clearly isn’t in 4/4. Identifying what the time signature actually should be isn’t one of my strengths!

  20. MultipliedCow


    I would like AI to do a thorough catalog of all VSTis so when you need a certain sound, it can provide all options. That includes finding out presets from each and cataloging all Decent, Kontakt, sfz, etc. instruments.

  21. I’d like to see AI features in the spectral realm, as in intelligent transient detection that allows you to divide and process different segments of your sound. I know this already exists in some form (lots of multiband processors out there, and the spectral devices in Bitwig are also very good at this), but I always feel like I have to manually move the division settings around until I get what I want. Using AI, the processing could be faster, and become more “natural” or smooth in a way that it can understand what it is you’re going for as you’re doing it.

  22. AI generated arrangement suggestions. You could feed your DAW a full 8 bar loop containing all elements of your track and have it flesh out an arrangement based on convention, such as AAB, ABC, AABA, etc.

  23. Andreas Tsachidis


    Voice guided commands/actions execution would be next step in handling I believe. With AI recognising and executing complex multiple consecutive actions just from you speaking to it like to a person, just like (ChatGPT does)

  24. Some sort of intelligent articulation interpretation of real time playing of midi instruments would be great spead/creativity booster.

  25. Minh Thien Le


    AI mixing and mastering would be a great timesaver. Not relying to do it all for me, just get me 90% there and let me tweak to perfection.

    • An AI De-noise tool would be perfect, it’s annoying when the only good take of a recording is have some noise in it

  26. I would love to have AI removing noise from audio without altering its quality, as well as separating certain elements from a sound file, like specific elements from an audio file.

  27. A cool AI-powered feature I’d like to see in my DAW would be the ability to analyse audio to create soft synth presets to recreate the original audio. Thank you BPB and Hit’n’Mix :)

  28. I’d like to see automatic EQ and track avoidance AI features,
    so every track or recording will sound good instantly,
    saving a lot of mixing time so you can focus more on creating.

  29. Success Ajayi


    I would like an AI that could suggest complementary sounds to a layer of sound in the mix to aid my creative process.

  30. I would like the creation of virtual instrument only writing the type of sound, for example when you create a new track, describe a prompt “rhodes” and it creates a new virtual instrument channel with that sound and a variable presets of them.

  31. Besides bringing world peace, ending starvation and bringing about the end of capitalism, I’d love an AI Daw to “learn” the more used settings/menus/actions from the user and suggest a new macro once it understood “okay you’re doing x amount of clicks to do this one thing, would you like to assign this action to a hot-key?”

  32. Orlando Cruz


    What AI-powered feature would you like to see in your DAW?
    I would like to be able to replace the sound or beat with another sample after the stem separator. Changing the sound or beat would be a great benefit especially with an audio repairer to polish it. Midi export would be great for changing its sequence. Those are the main things that I would love to see. A one stop shop.

  33. wagner Alves


    A Daw com samples soem bem juntos
    Alimentado por IA combina com seu andamento e tom.
    Adapte facilmente acordes, melodias e bateria. Divida a música em hastes
    Obtenha acesso total a todas as notas em qualquer áudio
    e modificá-los irreconhecível projetado para se ajustar perfeitamente ao seu fluxo de trabalho Altere qualquer nota no seu áudio converta para mid na tonalidade da nota certa

  34. tbh im not a huge fan of ai, but id like to see some built in ai plugins that will help you with the mastering process (for example sth like soothe but less cpu consuming or just the graph showing whats wrong)

  35. Nils Åkesson


    I’d like an Ai suggestion for a total mix with fx and processing, based on any reference track I specify. That would be way cool. btw this giveaway is very cool!

  36. Carlos E. Flores


    What AI-powered feature would you like to see in your DAW?

    -Generate interactive drums that can create some listening others instruments.
    -Vocal Tune correction. Not autotune. AI can analize the wave and determinate where do the tune correction, how keep the natural sound, where not do the tune correction.

  37. Would LOVE to see A.I. help me with my vocals as in a REPITCH or Melodyne style but with autotune incorporated and determining correct chord pitch, but with only a couple buttons and not overcomplicated

  38. This one is a bit out there… a built-in Visualisation editor so that it would be possible to make and save visualisation videos in the same software as creating the music.

  39. Ai sound design in the daw has to be the next logical progression. Using a sound audio to recreate using stock plugins.

  40. I don’t like AI features inside DAW if they destroy creativity and flat all the real people studies lasterd for years and years…anyway I’d like audio cleaning features

  41. I would like it to do the RipX function of treating audio and MIDI files equally so you could simplify having separate files and instead you could take advantage of the audio and MIDI functions to treat the new format, I would also like it to have that dedication to immersive audio as it is the new revolution in music audio and a DAW that does not have this is starting to lag behind.

  42. Hit’n’Mix have been on my shopping list for a while now and it’s brilliant what they are doing. I’d like to see an AI-powered feature that takes a melody idea I recorded on my phone, removes background noise, converts into midi, puts it into the correct key, then humanizes it.

  43. A way to extract elements from old film 5.1 mix without any stems avalable, elements such as natural ambiences, rooms, natural sounds and mix it with ADR on a atoms 7.1.4 mix

  44. Generate a track map using AI based on a given reference. This includes creating the sections, creating a map of the individual instruments along with a “tension / release map.”

  45. AI Mastering would be pretty cool. Also a way to Blend (like x/y) back and forth between different headphone and speaker models, as a way to gauge how the mix sounds over various devices quickly.

  46. I would like to see AI solutions to simply isolate an instrument and use it as a sampled vsti. RipX is very close to that.

  47. Adrian Mellow


    I would like AI to be able to remove clicks, pops, and de-ess. Also be able to level out highs and lows in volume.

  48. Andre Kuijer


    AI gain staging
    It is a boring job, can’t do without, and shall be relatively easy to develop and implement. Then I have time to work on the real mixing job which either makes it cheaper for the client or can spend more time on improving the mix within the same budget.

  49. An AI part generator based on the rest of the already recorded parts – eg. recorded electric rhythm guitar parts with vocals, provide enough for the AI generated drum groove and bass lines.

  50. Denílson Souza


    I wish having voice models trained by AI to generate realistic and expressive vocals would be a revolution. Imagine creating vocal harmonies or adding backing vocals with ease, all with the help of AI.

  51. I would love an all emcompasing AI huminization for audio (rather than midi), factoring in note displacement, ASDR variablility, pitch drift, maybe even micro reverb adjustments to sound more natural. Thats just features I could think of off the top of my head.

  52. Luis Alcaraz


    What AI-powered feature would you like to see in your DAW?

    I´d like a pable to convert any melody audio to any instrument in a prssional instrument given list

  53. logistics, project assets, backups and updates that make sense, and a constant open educational access to resources that matter to the project. ie a 4 on the floor kickdrum has humongous historical backgrounds, it would be good for support to exist that introduces peepz to such background. i dont want things to be ready for me, i want my mind to expand in handier fashions.

  54. Hi ! I’d like to see AI-powered plugin, analysing frequency spectrum and respectively arranging tracksin different frequency areas

  55. AI-assisted creation of short music clips like for film trailers.
    Melody correction / changing from imported music files.

  56. I’d like AI to offer fundamental processing, such as EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay, the balancing of different sounds in different listening spaces, and effective help in finalizing the sound object in its integrity. Let it do the job!

  57. Dimitrios V.


    A universal AI tool that checks your Daw and your setup’s shortcomings and provides App solutions (in my case laptop keyboard in traktion WF with the very bad and limited virtual keyboard) I was searching for a virtual piano keyboard vst plugin the other day. I still haven’t found something solid. I am using ripchord sometimes though. I also haven’t managed to connect my tablet as a Midi controller through USB. Thanks a lot.

    btw, is Samplab using ripX or something similar?

  58. I would love to be able to isolate a certain instrument sound from a sample (i.e. the bass sound, pad sound, melody sound, etc.) and apply it to midi in a single fluid motion. Chopping up samples in traditional ways is great and a lot of fun, but you are limited to using the whole sample with all the instruments, not just one instrument track from it. In addition, you are limited to the melody that is in the song, unless you do more cuts that often times can sound choppy, and also take a lot of time. There are a lot of times when I want to take a certain sound from within a sample and create a different melody with it, without having to also include the rest of the instruments in the sample, and while also retaining the audio quality of said isolated instrument. Currently, you could use different AI’s to isolate instruments like this and then just port them into your DAW, and if you wanted to apply the sound to your keyboard with something like Ableton’s Simpler you could, but often the audio can get distorted with certain notes because it just takes the sample and pitches it up and down. Long story short, to be able to isolate an instrument sound from a sample, create a new sound that is identical to the sound produced in the sample, and be able to play that sound like any other midi sound without audio distortion, is what I want to see.

  59. Alvisvcollins


    An AI program that can analyze the mood, genre, and structure of a song, and suggest suitable sound effects, transitions, and background noises to enhance the atmosphere and dynamics of the track. This could be helpful for creating immersive and engaging songs, especially for genres like ambient, cinematic, or electronic music

  60. The AI helped feature I would like to have in a DAW is:

    When alrerady having some great chord progression, eg. I give the program: Amin, F, G, (eg. I use that for a verse)
    the program should be able to
    1) provide the other fitting, more obvious chords (that I could use in a chorus or bridge)
    2) you can select a complication degree (or type of music, like eg. Jazz. or oriental music or so)
    and then the outcomig chords will be a bit more special, but still fitting to your first set of chords.

  61. A tool that can quantize and adjust the pressure, velocity, etc of my poorly played midi notes in the style of the great composers/pianists – or even just a professional pianist (the same AI could be used for other instruments of course…)

  62. Dynamic AI Phase Alignment.

    Fixes phasing issues and does automation to keep everything in phase and aligned even as things change.

  63. I’d like an AI that could listen to a track that may have a really cool synth or piano sound and automatically suggest which of the users plugins could best emulate that sound and perhaps even open the VST and deliver a custom preset to match. Thank you

  64. Definitely a higher quality stem separation, as well as the ability to transpose a loop into a different key with some suggestions. That would be awesome!

  65. What AI-powered feature would you like to see in your DAW?

    I’d like an effective help in mixing the lows. Using headphones and/or budget monitors in non-treated rooms, getting the lows right and sitting properly in a mix seems like a titanic task, with disappointing results, in spite of a lot of effort, many attempts and a lot of time dedicated just to that.

  66. Jeremy Cummins


    this is pretty cool. I would love to see exactly what ripx is doing. I’d want to see more DAWs that have integrated and intuitive midi tools that let you convert audio to midi with ease and to do easy audio separation. The funny thing is that back in the 2000’s Sonar Producer had a lot of these midi features going for it. Not quite AI driven, like Ripx nor was it perfect, but they were WAY ahead of their time in some respects with midi.

  67. I would like to have an AI-based function in my DAW that allows me to turn specific sounds in IPA into nice-sounding dialogues or vocals.

  68. Katuhiro Kasuga


    An AI function that analyzes the list of samples I own and selects and suggests the most suitable or close to optimal one for the music I have created.

  69. Quantization with interesting groove and humonisation. Ai analisation of sound and drawing automatization curve. Interesting grooving ai powered midi lfo tool.

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