Let’s Explore RipX DAW And RipX DAW Pro


RipX DAW is an innovative DAW from Hit’n’Mix, the company behind DeepRemix and DeepAudio. We’re taking a closer look at the software and offering one free RipX DAW PRO license to one lucky BPB reader.

Hit’n’Mix states that RipX DAW is a unique DAW that offers the “first, truly holistic AI music production workflow.”

This is because RipX DAW uses AI to “sample, customize, clean up, transform, rearrange and re-play melodic ideas directly from an AI music generator,” which can be used to create new songs or add parts to existing projects. 

Hit’n’Mix also says that RipX DAW will soon be the “world’s first spatial and 3D AI DAW, allowing for immersive music-making.”

In addition to this, RipX DAW can create stems from “any mono/stereo recording, remixing, learning, practicing and recording any instrument such as guitar or keys to any song, sound blending and replacement, and extracting and exporting MIDI files.”

The release has two versions: RipX DAW ($99) and RipX DAW Pro ($198).

RipX DAW has everything described above and more, while RipX DAW Pro offers the same plus enhanced stem cleanup, advanced audio repair and effects as well as AudioShop advanced creative tools. 

At the core of RipX DAW is the Rip Audio format, which treats MIDI and audio files as one, meaning no separate audio and MIDI tracks need to be created like in other stock DAWs.

This means that once your files are loaded in the DAW, there is no distinction and all the features of the DAW can be applied to the files, from editing and effects. 

RipX DAW has 6+ tracks of stem and instrument separation, each of which can be independently soloed, muted, extracted, and adjusted.

You can also further edit stems and instruments into editable notes, chords, and unpitched sounds.

Now, it goes without saying how powerful and versatile that functionality is, and you could really go to town using all that in ways that wouldn’t be possible in many stock DAWs or, at the very least, wouldn’t have all that integrated into a seamless workflow.

RipX DAW was released in November 2023, so there are plenty of demos and reviews online at this point. 

If you prefer to get a hands-on feel for the workflow, you can try out RipX DAW for free with the 21-day trial. 

The Hit’n’Mix product line previously featured the DeepRemix, DeepCreate, and DeepAudio modules.

The developer has now streamlined these offerings into two products, RipX DAW and RipX DAW Pro.

RipX DAW is compatible with macOS 10.12 or newer and Windows 7 or newer.

More info: Free Trial / Buy RipX DAW

The Giveaway

Hit’n’Mix kindly provided one free RipX DAW PRO license for one lucky BPB reader.

To enter the giveaway, please answer the following question in the comments below: What AI-powered feature would you like to see in your DAW?

We will randomly choose one lucky winner on March 15th, 2024.

Good luck, everyone, and thank you for reading BPB! :)

The winner is Ja, who responded: “I would love an all-encompassing AI humanization for audio (rather than midi), factoring in note displacement, ASDR variability, pitch drift, maybe even micro reverb adjustments to sound more natural. That’s just features I could think of off the top of my head.”

Congratulations! Your prize will soon be delivered via email.

Check out the deal: RipX DAW ($99, Pro version $198, 21-day FREE trial) 


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    • I think the most useful AI-applicable feature id like to see is the ability to provide a sound as input, and get a preset/patch for your favorite synth as an output that sounds as close as possible.

  1. I would love a sort of Ai-Copilot type feature that changes what certain menus are available/what certain hotkeys do depending on the situation and does things for you while learning from your usual behaviors;

    -do you usually put a certain list of plugins on bass? when you go to add plugin on the bass track it gives you a shortlist of things you typically use

    -[upon opening your daw] “I noticed that Ctrl+X is unmapped for you and that you often right-click, slice edit, then select the first slice, would you like me to make a macro that does this then map it to Ctrl+X for you? 9you can change this at any time if you feel it’s intrusive)”

    -“I notice what I believe to be your drum tracks have phase alignment issues, would you like me to try and correct this in the timeline? or do you have a tool that does this for you?”

    -“Press ~ then verbally tell me what you would like (through your talkback mic)

    -“you haven’t changed settings on the following tracks in [16] hours, I’ve automatically frozen them for you, to unfreeze them simply change any setting on any plugin on these channels”

    -“I notice you have added brostep wubwubs, I have today’s date as 2024, is this correct? Are you showing signs of distress?”

  2. Arnold Robles


    I’d like for my AI powered DAW to tell me how bad my song is. Just Rip(X) the band-aid off and tell me like it is, I can take it (no I can’t, but someone has to let me know).

  3. I would like my day to write custom drum lines and rolls depending on specific musical genres and the track I’m working on.

  4. I’d highly appreciate a sort of Plugin organiser based on type and certain functionalities of the plugins, and which updates automatically with every new plugin installed, nothing really special but extremely useful when you have tones of plugins installed.

  5. I’d like AI features that assists in building melodies along scales that could work in your progression and maybe compare/suggest those to what previous artists have done in building their songs.

  6. Achmad Nur Syafii


    I really hope that the AI in the DAW application can tidy up the design of my work or maybe there will be direction in terms of making music.

  7. I would love to see original tempo and key of each stem and the ability to change it This is definitely a game changer software thanks for making it ….

  8. It would be nice to have AI tips of how to progress when having writer’s block. Show me the way to finish the track, get suggestions inside the DAW.

  9. Joshua Loudenslager


    AI Band w/mix – set the instrument channels with stylistic slide. Record your base tracks (voc,gtr,piano) and let AI generate midi tracks that follows melody or rhythm depending on the instrument channel ( drums, harmonica, gtr lead, synth, nashville slide, bells, percussion, horns, woodwinds, synthetic vocal sampling)

  10. 1. Auto Hook Placement
    2. Auto beat and sample extension
    3. Auto Effect input and setting adjustment depending on previous artists

    • Kevin Bodnar


      I hope that I am a lucky one.
      As I do not have a DAW without
      limitations right now for recording my compositions.

      All the Best to You,


  11. A version of RipX DAW PRO for Linux.

    Find the Chord progression of the loop used.

    Change the pitch of the loops to fit the song.

    AI powered pitch correction

    AI midi generation

    AI can turn your voice into an instrument

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