Audiocation Releases AC-1, A Freeware Compressor VST


For some reason, I always get very happy when a new freeware compressor is released. Especially if it was coded by Christian Budde!

Audiocation AC-1, a freeware compressor VST.

Audiocation AC-1, a freeware compressor VST.

Released under the Audiocation logo, this plugin is actually another piece of great work by Christian. A quote from the Audiocation website:

The AC1 Compressor is a dynamic processor plug-in optimized for low CPU usage whilst maintaining the highest precision in signal processing. It features a free adjustable knee and an input transformer simulation to add some harmonic distortion and character to your signal.

The developer has stated that the plugin may be updated soon with more sound coloring options and a switchable sidechain. For now, it doesn’t really add too much mojo to the processed signal, but what makes it stand out of the crowd for me are it’s clean GUI and simple controls. And it does just what a simple compressor should do. Test it out for yourself and enjoy!


Download AC-1: click here
Audiocation Website: click here

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  1. Just demo’ed the audiocation comp after seeing a recommendation from the reaper forum. The thread over at KVR was lukewarm and calls it a vanilla compressor. However, they seem to be missing the point. Notice the attack and release times are in MICRO seconds… Just like the 1176 hardware compressor.

    This thing was obviously designed with the 1176 in mind and IMO its the best free 1176 simulation I’ve heard. The drum presets easily get that “explosive” 1176 sound. Very cool.

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