More Free E-mu SP-1200 Samples By Goldbaby – XmasGift 2010


Goldbaby has released yet another freebie sample pack, this time as a gift to celebrate the upcoming holiday season.

XmasGift 2010, another awesome free sample pack by Goldbaby.

XmasGift 2010, another awesome free sample pack by Goldbaby.

The new freeware sample pack called XmasGift 2010 contains various vinyl and drum machine hits recaptured from the E-mu SP-1200 hardware sampler, famous for its gritty 12bit sound. The pack contains 105 drum samples in 24bit WAV format.

If you’re looking for more SP1200 goodness, make sure you check out Goldbaby’s brand new commercial library called SP1200 Vol 2! It contains 1542 drum samples taken from some famous drum machines like the TR707, 727, Linn LM2, DMX, as well as vinyl, real drums, synths, perc and FX, and then finally processed using the SP1200.


Download XmasGift 2010: click here
SP1200 Vol 2: click here
Goldbaby Website: click here

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