Free Polymoog Vox Humana Inspired VSTi Released By Synth Magic


Synth Magic has released Luceifer, a free VSTi plugin for Windows, inspired by Polymoog’s famous Vox Humana sound.

I have been playing around with Synth Maker and have made a synth based on the Vox Humana sound which can be twisted up a bit with the filters etc.I named it after David Luce, hence the name. It has lots of different filter types and an lfo with multi shapes,a delay and reverb.

Obviously it is PC only. I have had some nice pads and stuff out of it. It is my first attempt at a vst using SM, it is very basic, but it’s a start. I would like to be able to use OSC’s instead of samples,big steep climb ahead learning how to do this.

Luceifer is available for free download via KVR Forums.

Video Demo

Check out the Luceifer demo video:


Download Luceifer: click here
Synth Magic’s Website: click here

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