Free FR-777 And SP-12 Samples By From A Faraway Place

FR-777 VS SP12 by From A Faraway Place.

FR-777 VS SP12 by From A Faraway Place.

From A Faraway Place has released a set of free samples from the full FR-777 VS SP12 sample library, featuring the sounds of FutureRetro 777 and E-Mu SP-12.

Tonight we proudly present: Futureretro FR-777 Monosynth drums torn up and spat out by the SP12….Drums to knock your wig off. Most sounds have been pitched up +7/+8 before hitting the SP12 inputs, and then pitched back down in the unit. Lots of variations at different pitches, as that’s where the SP12 magic is. Snares, hihats, toms, bells etc.

The free kit (2.9MB download size) is available for free download via Sampleism. The full FR-777 VS SP12 sample library is priced at £2.23.

Audio Demo

Check out the FR-777 VS SP12 audio demo:

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Download FR-777 VS SP12 Free Pack: click here
Sampleism Online: click here

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