Nabla – Free Korg Delta String Machine Emulation By Full Bucket Music

Nabla by Full Bucket Music.

Nabla by Full Bucket Music.

Full Bucket Music has released Nabla, a freeware emulation of the Korg Delta analogue string machine in VST plugin format for Windows.

The Nabla is a VST 2.4 software instrument for Microsoft Windows simulating the KORG Delta DL-50 Strings Synthesizer from 1979. Is is written in native C++ code for high performance and low CPU consumption.

Nabla is available for free download via Full Bucket Music (1.6 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows).

This virtual instrument is a detailed emulation of the Korg Delta analogue string machine. I actually used to own the hardware version of this analogue instrument and the string sounds produced by Nabla come very close to the real thing. The real life Delta had more to offer in terms of bass sounds, but that isn’t the main purpose of this instrument. You can hear a small selection of sounds which I’ve sampled from my old Korg Delta in the free BPB Mini Analogue Collection sample pack.

Just like the hardware version of the instrument, the Nabla lets the user mix the synthesizer and string sections independently. Up to 64 note polyphony is supported with an optional “God Mode” which enables true polyphony. Extending the original functionality of this instrument, the developer has added a phaser effect which wasn’t included in the real life Korg Delta synthesizer. A handy user manual in PDF format is available as a separate download on the developer’s website.

Full Bucket Music is definitely one of my favorite freeware developers when it comes to virtual analogue synthesizers. Their brilliant Korg Mono/Poly emulation is a long time favorite of mine. You should definitely check out their complete product arsenal if you’re looking for some new freeware instruments for your virtual studio. For more freeware vintage synthesizer emulations, take a look at our hardware synthesizer emulation VST plugin article.

Audio Demo

Check out the Nabla audio demo:


Download Nabla

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