Percussive Echoes Bonus – 10 Free Reverb Impulse Responses By Diego Stocco


Diego Stocco has announced the release of Percussive Echoes Bonus, a mini collection of free reverb impulse responses designed for processing drum grooves and percussive sounds.

“FFS // Percussive Echoes Bonus” is a mini collection of 10 Impulse Responses specifically designed for the processing of beats, drum machines, real drums, percussions, beat boxing and percussive instruments. You can download it for free or “pay what you want”.

The included impulse responses are all but standard “bread and butter” reverb or echo IRs. These impulse responses are designed for creating complex sequences when applied to short percussive sounds. It’s hard to describe how this really works, so it’s probably the best idea to take a listen to the demo track embedded below in order to understand what these impulse responses can do.

The Percussive Echoes Bonus sample pack is released as a free download which serves as a taster pack for two larger collections of impulse responses. Actually, the pack is released on a “pay what you want” basis, meaning that the download page linked below will ask for your credit card info. If you enter zero as the price, the credit card field will disappear automatically and the download will start right after you’ve entered your email address.

The download page linked below also contains more info about the commercial versions of this impulse pack. Definitely check this freebie out if you like experimenting with drum grooves. The provided impulse responses can create some very nice sounding dark atmospheres and eerie sounds when applied to drum loops.

Audio Demo

Check out the Percussive Echoes audio demo:


Percussive Echoes Bonus is available for free download via Gumroad (2.42 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 10 impulse responses in 24-bit WAV format).

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