BPB Giveaway: Win A FREE IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro (WINNER ANNOUNCED)


IK Multimedia is giving away the UNO Synth Pro (€699.99) paraphonic analog synthesizer for FREE to one lucky BPB reader! Read more about the synthesizer below and enter our giveaway to become the lucky owner of a UNO Synth Pro.

Despite its compact size, UNO Synth Pro’s sound engine rivals the top-end synthesizers for a fraction of the price. Fuzzy, dubby with fizzling square waves galore – this synthesizer is primed for producing contemporary electronic, hip-hop, industrial, and synthwave music.

UNO Synth Pro is typically priced at €699.99, but IK Multimedia currently offers it for €499.99 (excl. VAT). In fact, the entire UNO product range is now on sale. You can save up to €200 on a UNO product at IK Multimedia.

Here’s the complete list of discounted UNO products:

  • UNO Synth Pro – $/€699.99 $/€499.99
  • UNO Synth Pro Desktop – $/€399.99 $/€269.99
  • UNO Synth Pro Black $/€399.99 $/€269.99
  • UNO Synth – $/€229.99 $/€149.99
  • UNO Drum – $/€269.99 $/€199.99

The sale ends on October 31st, 2022.

That’s an epic discount, but we have even better news. One lucky BPB reader will get the UNO Synth Pro for free!

UNO Synth Pro – Synthesis Engine

UNO Synth Pro uses three analog oscillators, which can be used both in unison and polyphonically (each oscillator can play a different note in a 3-note chord).

Each oscillator has access to four filters: two-pole, high-pass, low-pass, and an SSI filter. These filters have – 24 – different modes, enough to keep even the most in-depth synth technician experimenting for days.

The low-pass filter is particularly resonant and can be used to create a heavy, aggressive sound – perfect for industrial tracks or modern bass-heavy electronic music. There is no doubt that IK Multimedia has designed this synth with contemporary music in mind, setting it apart from classic analog synths, which have become associated with retro sounds.

You have the option to animate the internal parameters using PWM, FM, and ring modulation, as well as ADSR envelopes and a range of effects. There are twelve digital effects, including reverb, delay, phasers, flangers, and a genuine analog overdrive.

These effects can be applied simultaneously, with up to three effects being used at any time. This is undoubtedly one of the synth’s best features and sets it apart from many other analog synthesizers.

UNO Synth Pro – Presets

There are 256 presets loaded into the UNO Synth Pro. There is a good range here, from floaty, soft pads to huge, grating lead lines. The softer presets are clear and crisp – even the reverb-heavy cinematic pads are well-balanced and practically mix-ready.

There are enough presets to keep beginner synth players happy, but there are also well-integrated features for synth novices to alter and build their own patches.

UNO Synth Pro – Keyboard Features

The UNO Synth Pro makes for a great tabletop synth. It’s far lighter than other analog synths of the same size, and with a keyboard spanning three octaves, there is enough room to express your musical ideas without becoming restricted.

The keys are semi-weighted and feature aftertouch – this is excellent news for piano players looking to buy their first synth who’d find more expression in weighted keys.

The same synth can be bought as a ‘desktop’ version with a capacitive keyboard. However, while the desktop version is around €200 cheaper, the weightless, flat capacitive keyboards can be tricky to play for some. The UNO Synth Pro will be much more familiar for established keyboard players and easier to get to grips with.

More info: UNO Synth Pro / UNO for ALL Sale

The Giveaway 🥳

IK Multimedia provided a FREE UNO Synth Pro for one lucky BPB reader! A big THANK YOU to IK Multimedia for sponsoring this giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, enter your email address in the form below. You can increase your chances of winning by completing the bonus tasks.



Total entries: 24,331

We will randomly pick the winner on October 31st, 2022.

Good luck, and thanks for reading BPB! ❤️

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      • Sergei Sakovich


        “To improve both user experience and the general performance of FileSilo we have now opened up assets to all users, across all titles!”

        So it is written in their FAQ. It’s very strange!

        • Filo Silo has operated horribly during the last couple of years, it takes like 10 minutes from login in to getting to the point where one can download anything.
          I guess CM have come to the conclusion that it will be too expensive to do something about it, and rather keep customers happy.
          Maybe they will move to another platform or another way to distribute their magware? Or just quit their magware altogether there has not many memorable goodies for a long time. They got a solid site in MusicRadar, question is how profitable it is to produce a mag like Computer Music every month nowadays…

        • Was very strange at first but I can recall their old server issues end up the same way. I think they might change it with new mag next month. Checked this one and it’s fully legal so go and grab them :)

  1. A bunch of my hardware synths were stolen this spring, so I need to get going and repopulate the studio (ahem… garage).

  2. Thanks BPB for this oportunity, as a starter producer and just with a laptop and a phone, it surely could be a game changer in my carrer!!!! Best Vibes from Brasil!!!

  3. Well, I was trying to find the way to log into my account and since I couldn’t I checked the FAQs and saw this: “To improve both user experience and the general performance of FileSilo we have now opened up assets to all users, across all titles!” So, that’s all I know.

  4. Wow, what an amazing opportunity! Thank you IKM and BPB!

    Cheers & good luck to everyone!

    (It took me three Web browsers before I could find one where the competition form would actually work…
    Firefox failed, Opera failed, but Edge worked.)

  5. Great, thank you for the chance but you using Kingsumo and that means what there will be a lot of “professional” giveaways hunters who have nothing to do with music production and will enter this giveaway because all the giveaways using kingsumo, gleam and similar platforms will be automatically added to giveaways hunters lists. So there is a big chances that the winner have nothing to do with music at all.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Interesting, I had no idea that “professional” giveaway hunters existed, but it totally makes sense. The reason I used KingSumo is that my typical way of running giveaways (post a comment to enter) wouldn’t work for something of this scale. We had a few giveaways with 1,000+ entrants already, and it was very hard to filter out the spam, duplicate entries, etc. It works for small giveaways, but something like this requires a dedicated platform.

      We already have over 11k entries, and it’s only been one day since I launched the giveaway.

      That said, I’m not sharing the giveaway anywhere outside of BPB, so I’m hoping that the vast majority of entrants will be BPB readers.

      • Oh of course I understand, it’s reasonable. unfortunately such hunters exist and spoil the concept of competitions. they just grab everything whether they need it or not and then resell the prizes. in my opinion this is a very stupid way to manage your time and life but they probably think otherwise :-) I checked – of course this contest is already published in similar communities of such hunters. usually this happens automatically and they simply participate in all the contests that catch their eye. and some of them use various tricks to get a lot of referrals and so on :-)

        • Tomislav Zlatic


          That’s bad. I’ll see if there are any ways to prevent this for future giveaways. I still think that at least 90% of participants are regular BPB readers (I’ll double-check by comparing the entrant emails with our mailing list), but I’ll also look into ways to keep future giveaways BPB-only. Thanks again for the info!

        • I don’t own any hardware synths so obtaining one would be awesome! It’s my bday today so maybe I will get lucky : ) thanks

  6. “Residents of Taiwan, South Korea, Portugal, Italy, Austria, China, Russia, Hong Kong, Greece, France, Japan, Spain, and Czech Republic are not eligible to enter or win”
    Seems that IK Multimedia just care about about part of Europe. Thanks BPM! That helps me on my choices for future purchases!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Thanks for pointing that out, and sorry for the confusion. This info isn’t correct (and it has nothing to do with IK Multimedia).

      I used the default rules template offered by the giveaway platform (KingSumo), and I haven’t noticed the sentence that mentions those countries. I have now edited the rules to reflect this. Again, thank you so much for bringing this to my attention (and to clarify once more for anyone reading this, those countries are eligible for the giveaway, too).

  7. Ariana Rivadeneira


    Hi! After completing the bonus tasks, I received an email from [email protected] to confirm a Subscription. It is signed by Tomislav Zlatic but it’s not the same email address as the one received from BPB Newsletter… I haven’t clicked the “Confirm!” button…

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