Ring Of Saturn Is A FREE Modulation Effect By Morbid Electronics


Morbid Electronics released Ring of Saturn, a freeware ring modulation effect for Windows and macOS.

Modulation effects are highly subjective. It’s like choosing an ice cream flavor or having a preference for the way you take your coffee. That said, it would go without saying that new modulation effects pique interest and spark inspiration.

Morbid Electronics have released one such plugin, Ring of Saturn, a ring modulator with chorusing and stereo spread control.

Ring of Saturn is a simple-to-take-in plugin, the interface is minimal at its most generous.

The GUI shows a simplistic image of what can be presumed to be Saturn and a few different parameters at the top. There isn’t any granularity to the controls themselves, rather you’ll be harnessing forces of chaos to manipulate the sound to your liking.

There isn’t much to say about the experience of using the plugin itself, and how you would find it in your own productions.

The chaos it evokes is undoubtedly a reliable factor and benefits a variety of sources. During testing, it served well on a variety of elements, especially cleaner guitars, and synth lines.

Those seeking to instill a little interstellar chaos into their productions are in luck because Ring of Saturn is free for Windows and Mac users. Ring of Saturn acts as a taster for the chaotic Rings of Saturn, which is due soon for a reasonable $20.

If you like adding glitches and noise to your music, check out the TugGlicento plugin. It’s freeware and surprisingly versatile, with plenty of sound mangling options.

System requirements are rather bare, requiring a 64-bit host. Windows users can expect VST and VST3 plugin formats. Mac users have the option of VST, VST3, and AU.

Download: Ring of Saturn 


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  1. The plugin GUI is animated (!!!) and contains hyperlinks to our site, upcoming plugin, and support page. Click around; enjoy the chaos :) !

  2. Ring of Saturn was awesome to use. Thanks to the creators for making it free, excited to see what else is to come. William, please keep me posted when they come out with new stuff, thanks :)

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