Emergent Drums AI Drum Plugin (WINNERS ANNOUNCED)


Audialab offers five FREE copies of the Emergent Drums AI-powered drum plugin and an exclusive 20% discount for BPB readers.

Emergent Drums by Audialab is the latest evolution in drum instrument plugins, utilizing the power of AI to generate unique drum samples of any type.

With a vast database of drum and percussion samples, Emergent Drums enables producers to create original, royalty-free drum samples from scratch, giving users unlimited creativity and flexibility. It is an inexhaustible source of new drum sounds.

One of the best things about Emergent Drums is how simple it is to use. The interface is user-friendly, so generating custom samples is straightforward. Just choose a drum type and let AI do the rest.

For producers with specific ideas in mind, Emergent Drums provides tools to help users sculpt the generated drum samples further. It includes controls for gain, attack, release, clip, filter, and pitch for each of the 16 tracks.

The AI-powered drum generator in Emergent Drums is easy to use.

The AI-powered drum generator in Emergent Drums is easy to use.

And since Emergent Drums also features multichannel audio outs, it becomes easy to route each sample to a dedicated fader for mixing. These features allow producers to customize the generated drum samples to their unique needs and preferences.

Using AI to generate custom drum samples creates new opportunities for producers to experiment and create unique sounds quickly and easily.

This instrument has great potential, and it will be interesting to see the full impact it could have on the industry. The plugin’s versatility makes it suitable for use across multiple genres, and the AI’s capabilities ensure that producers will never run out of inspiration.

In conclusion, Audialab’s Emergent Drums is a revolutionary AI-powered plugin that offers unlimited drum sounds to producers interested in exploring the capabilities of cutting-edge technology.

Its intuitive interface, AI-generated drum samples, and fine-tuning controls make it a capable sound design tool for producers that want to explore new sounds and push creative boundaries. With Emergent Drums, the possibilities are endless, and the future of drum sample generation is here.

Emergent Drums is available in VST3 and AU formats for both macOS and Windows. It requires an internet connection while generating new samples.

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  1. I think AI could be useful in cases such as:
    – Workflow improvements
    – Classification
    – Hardware modelling
    – Generative applications
    – etc…

  2. With Stable Diffusion and the like, it’s clear that AI is ready to stay in the arts.
    I’m guessing we will be seeing a lot more of tools or replacements by AI, but we well also be seeing a lot of copyright disputes. I don’t know how I feel about it yet. It’s gonna be a lot.

  3. As A.I. advances, it could lead to workflow improvements, speeding up our productions, but it could also lead to artists relying on A.I. to produce tracks, without the need for any kind of talent, which may lead to the market becoming saturated with A.I. created music, as opposed to music genuinely created by artists using music theory and the ability to play an instrument for writing tracks

  4. I don’t think ai will ever replace human expression and creativity in art. I do think that this technology can help people to find new ways of expressing it though.

  5. I would guess in the same way samples and auto-tune has. Maybe not for movie scores, but I’m sure some TV production and commercials will use it to cut costs.

  6. How do you think AI technology will affect music production?

    I think it will help a lot in certain aspects, but as in completely removing the need for humans, I dont think it will happen

  7. AI could be good in some cases but also could be bad if people start to loose job, hobby, passion, money, cuz AI make music.

  8. I hope however it affects music production is minimal. I can see automating and analyzing some tasks, but too much AI in production is a scary thought.

  9. I think, it depends on you. You can work with it, make it work for you or just ignore it.
    The main thing is: Have fun while making music. And for me, fun is not watching a machine doing music, fun are keys and strings and sticks and sitting together, jammin around…

  10. I think AI is already affecting it. Especially when it comes to mixing and mastering, more and more people can do it themselves in a more or less proper way by the help of AI. This field is changing. But I think it is also affecting the source of creativity. You don’t need o patch several things before you can get starting creative. You just click a button and you’re in. Don’t really know if thats good or bad…

  11. Pedro Santos


    Definitely will affect the most common tasks and will be used on more obvious pop productions with the “standard” creation methods

  12. AI technology will have a significant impact on music production by assisting composers and producers with composition, arrangement, mixing, mastering, and copyright. It will also create new possibilities for manipulating and generating sounds, leading to new creative expressions and innovations in music.

    (comment generated by AI)

  13. Everyone has already written about many options for exposure – AI instruments, plugins. But another interesting point in my opinion is copyright. This will definitely affect the industry. And very significant. Compliance with copyright will be controlled more effectively, which will allow the creators of products to earn more. I think it’s good.

  14. How do you think AI technology will affect music production?

    This is a good question. With Emergent Drums I think inspiration will be the main thing. With some of the other more melody based stuff, probably more crap pop music like the world is already giving us.

  15. In the field of mixing and mastering but not in the composing aspect, that part requires human creativity.

  16. Personally, I think this deserves two answers. First, how will AI effect musicians, engineers, etc? And it’s not simple, or clear, but I think it’s going to make things alot easier for beginners, especially in the realm of electronic music production, mixing and mastering. We’re going to see an even BIGGER gap between those who ‘make’ music and those who ‘play’ music and I’m sure snobbery will be abound and maybe for once, rightly so. We’ve already seen big name artists deepfaking other big name artists at big venues and in EDM no less, so I don’t have alot of hope for it being used in a way that furthers the music making process. It’s going to simplify some bits and make musicality even harder to acheive.
    FOr listeners? I think the big change will be seeing how their favorite artists do or don’t feel about AI and whether that matches up to their perception of it and reception of music using it. Otherwise, they’re going to keep hearing bangers from artists they love, ya know?

  17. I think that AI will raise the bar of music production and composition again to levels even higher than in the pre-computer music era. Mediocre music made by less talented humans will drown in the sea of mediocre music made by AI (similar to what’s now happening to the digital art). Only the truly talented will be able to stand out.

  18. We can use AI tools for a creative spark, then and only then should we modify these initial ideas to change it up to to give it our own unique flavour. making sure it has that human element still in there somewhere. just like Arps and gates etc. these can all be tweaked as i do

  19. How AI technology will affect music production? At this stage, it’s good for inspiration and helpful in some ways. Eventually, bedroom musicians will stay bedroom musicians, the hobby will remain a hobby. Example from these days: why hire an expensive composer for a movie when there are libraries of royalty-free music… Music will become watered down…

  20. Dimitar Yosifov


    At least in the beginning it will help with the boring technical work,and saving time for more creative tasks.

  21. I think many people will be worried about AI “taking their jobs”, and that might happen in some cases, but ultimately, like with any other technological innovation, it all depends on how you use it. The output of any AI depends on the input it has received, which really makes it no different from any other tool or instrument. Any AI that has been fed with “everything” will output something that tries to encompass or incorporate “everything”, which will lack character and personality. So an artist will train their AI selectively in order to influence the output.

  22. AI has already been used as mixing and mastering aids such as in Ozone and FAST Balancer. However, I wonder if it will ever help us come up with sounds that we have in our head but don’t know how to synthesize.

  23. I already use it for song lyrics when i have creative block. I think there will be a glut of ai powered devices and then people will fully understand how to use them in their productions but that will take some time

  24. Jacob Vesterlund


    All background music will be generated by AIs. Songwriters and composers will use AI to gather ideas that they will refine.

  25. Ai will positively change music production. Unnecessary and time-consuming work is automated so that there is more focus for creativity. The human part remains undisputed, as the consumers will also be human.

  26. I think the possibilities for producers are super exciting right now!

    On the other hand, I also fear the technology is getting “too good” and many humans may find themselves no longer in demand within the job market. Hopefully, the trained ear will still be able to spot “human” music and the human creativity doesn’t become undervalued or underestimated. Nothing can stop me from doing my thing, audience or none! But for those who rely on their skills to feed their family, I really hope the AI doesn’t go too far (although I think that’s a very naive hope!).

    Only time will tell!

  27. Today everybody can do everything and that puts the threshold quite low. In the future most people will not be able to compete with refined AI systems. But as long as there’s competition, everybody will go along with it.

  28. I think AI will enhance workflow. Lots of producers struggle to have cheap and timely access to vocals, but just write out the vocal notes, how you want them to be sang, etc. and viola you have an alternative to a pricey vocal session. Workflow could also increase in that you may be able to ask a program to make you a bass or lead similar to another song, and thus the process is streamlined, saving lots of sound design time, allowing for more arrangement time.

  29. Eventually, AI will make better music than humans in any genre but were not there yet. The AI tools I see now are assistants that don’t interfere with the human creativity. I think they let us try out more ideas in a lesser time span which is actually good for creativity.

  30. AI will probably accelerate music releases by suggesting ideas, chords, mix, mastering and then a human will make some adjustments in order to release officially the music.

  31. Music is an expression of emotion so as long as AI can’t feel anything it won’t replace human music creation.

  32. Using AI in music production will become standard practice but there is still way to go for AI tools to become usable for your average producer.

  33. Snazzy Wonton


    AI will let you meta create songs — you feed in cues, it generates variations, you pick thr best ones and refine.

  34. Human created music will become a niche activity, with AI taking over things like ads, news, background music for videos…,etc.
    Writing software for composing music will be where the money will be made at first, until AI begins to write that as well.

  35. So excited that i won! I cant wait to try it out. Have been keeping my eye on my inbox (and spam folder). Still haven’t received my copy :(

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