Audio Damage Grind Distortion Is Now FREE


Audio Damage announced that its Grind distortion plugin is now discontinued and free to download.

Who doesn’t love a good distortion plugin?

Distortion is one of my most frequently used effects, and I have an embarrassing amount of plugins dedicated to this task in my folder. If you’re also on the hunt for the perfect distortion, you might want to try Grind by Audio Damage.

Now, first things first, Audio Damage has discontinued development on Grind. This means there is no future development for the software itself going forward. It is frozen at a specific point in time, and as such, Mac users might experience compatibility issues going forward.

For now, however, we all can certainly appreciate that Grind by Audio Damage is now free.

Grind bears the design hallmarks familiar to the rest of the modern Audio Damage lineup, with great visual feedback and thoughtfully laid out controls.

The initial display shows an oscilloscope in the middle, giving a good preview of how Grind affects the audio. You’ll find the wavetable, input gain, window, phase, gate, and algorithm controls to the left of the interface.

Grind is unique because it uses wavetables to function as the transfer curve of a waveshaper. As such, you can coax some wildly abrasive tones out of it, making it great for neuro basses and the like.

The right of the interface houses the modulation and the mix knob. Users can assign modulation to various functions, and you have full control over the LFO.

The center of the interface houses a filter, good for taming down some of the harshness added harmonics can add to the upper register of a sound. A few modeled filters are present here, and of course, there is also a filter resonance parameter for a little added oomph or snarl.

Grind is available for Mac and Windows computers. It is also available for iOS devices. Supported plugin formats are 32-bit and 64-bit VST, AAX, and AU. You must test on your machine to verify whether Grind is compatible with Apple Silicon devices.

The minimum supported operating system for MacOS users is 10.9, so it might run on Apple Silicon machines, but the documentation is a little thin.

If you like wild distortion plugins with built-in filters, check out our free BPB Dirty Filter Plus.

Download: Grind


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  1. Holy distorted wubs… this thing is simple and sounds amazing!! Love the LFO. I’m on an M1 Mac, Ventura, Logic X 10.7 and it’s working great. CPU usage nonexistent. Thanks for sharing!

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