Rescopic Sound Releases FREE Cosmic Transitions SFX Sample Pack


Rescopic Sound has just released a free expansion of their premium Cosmos sound effects library, and it’s called Cosmic Transitions.

It includes 19 originally designed whoosh sound effects provided in 24-bit, 96 kHz as a stereo WAV format.

Each audio file contains at least three variations to ensure versatility and variety in sound programming, totalling 62 royalty-free sounds.

This is an original approach to file management unusual to find elsewhere since in sound effects libraries users are often provided with subfolders named “Longs” or “Shorts” in terms of duration.

The benefit is that it avoids multiple files, considering Cosmic Transition is compliant with the UCS system.

The goal of the company when crafting this sound library was workflow optimization and productivity enhancement, after all.

Audio files are equipped with detailed metadata, allowing you to locate and access the sounds you require easily. 

Users of leading audio management software such as Soundminer and BaseHead will benefit from an intuitive and seamless user experience.

People working on challenging multimedia projects like futuristic and neo/noir videogames or films should find Cosmic Transition an excellent resource.

This free collection was crafted to meet these specific production needs, following rigorous editing protocols and audio curation to meet high-quality standards.

The download file comes with two sub-folders: Info and Audio Files.

The Info folder contains the EULA file, assets like the cover of the sample pack, a PDF file detailing the content, and the already-discussed metadata files.

These are provided in separate TXT and CSV versions, covering most use-case applications of importing the data to different software.

The Audio Files folder contains the designed whoosh transitions sound effects, with creative and fancy names sticking to the futuristic concept of the pack.

What I like the most about these sounds is their layered, textured feeling and movement in the stereo panorama.

Due to their ‘designed’ approach, they are rich in frequency content and already processed to be used straight away in your projects.

If you like them, be sure to also check out Sci-Fi Sounds by our indie label 99sounds, a free collection of cinematic sci-fi sounds created by the same company Rescopic Sound.

Download: Cosmic Transitions (FREE)

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