Analog Obsession Releases FREE Frank V2 Hybrid Equalizer


Analog Obsession releases version 2 of FRANK a freeware hybrid equalizer VST plugin for macOS and Windows.

If you were going to play Dr. Frankenstein and create a monster of an EQ, would it be much different from FRANK?

You’re creating quite the hybrid when you go harvesting parts from Helios, Pultec, API, and Neve. That’s precisely what Dr. Analog Obsession did, and now that monster has been updated to Frank version 2.

Like all other Analog Obsession plugins, FRANK v2 is free to download, with donations welcomed via Patreon.

The idea behind FRANK wasn’t just to be a mash-up emulation but to take the best frequencies from revered hardware EQs.

What that results in is the following:

  • H-Type low cut at 50Hz (Helios)
  • P-Type boost and attenuation at 60Hz (Pultec)
  • A-Type mid-band at 1.6kHz (API)
  • N-Type high attenuation at 12kHz (Neve)
  • P-Type high attenuation at 20kHz (Pultec)

Version 2 of this plugin comes with some nice updates/enhancements. Analog Obsession has added a gain compensated custom line amp and 4X oversampling. Oversampling is toggled via the Analog Obsession logo.

Enhancements come in the form of a redesigned circuit and DSP improvements. Those improvements play a part in reducing the CPU usage compared to the original.

I really like the idea of bringing these “best frequencies” together in a single plugin. The linear-style GUI makes it a speedy way to jump right in and start shaping your sound.

It’s no real surprise that it seems like Analog Obsession has nailed the four EQ flavors, and what I’ve heard so far suggests they work very well together.

The GUI has also seen significant enhancements (Retina/HiDPI) in this update. As much as it’s not the most important aspect of the plugin, I have to say this GUI looks fantastic.

As mentioned, all Analog Obsession plugins are free to download. If you don’t have them already, you should check out TILTA and Loades.

FRANK v2 is available in AU, VST, and VST3 formats for macOS (10.9 – 11) and Windows (7-8-10-11).

Download: Analog Obsession FRANK Version 2 ()


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