Analog Obsession Releases Free TILTA Equalizer Plugin


Analog Obsession releases TILTA, a freeware tilt equalizer VST plugin for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

TILTA is a free tilt equalizer effect with an adjustable center frequency and a pair of additional filters for removing unwanted high and low frequencies.

Like any other tilt equalizer, TILTA is useful for applying broad tonal changes to the processed audio signal. The workflow is spectacularly simple: select the center frequency, then boost and attenuate the signal around that frequency.

The recording will magically transform from sounding too bass-heavy to sounding airy and vice-versa. The plugin will boost one end of the frequency spectrum while attenuating the opposite side.

It’s a practical quick fix for recordings that sound too harsh or dull. You can even use it to slightly rebalance the master channel without tweaking the individual audio tracks. A tilt equalizer is typically placed before a more flexible frequency shaping tool like a parametric equalizer.

TILTA adds another layer of usefulness to its feature set with a pair of filters that let you clean up the signal. You can remove the hiss or unwanted sub-bass before sending the signal for further processing.

The GUI deserves a mention, too. It’s well designed, with a dark color scheme that won’t irritate your tired eyes during a long mixing session (or, at the very least, it won’t blind you when you fire up the DAW after a 10-hour anime binge).

Analog Obsession recently released a few more freeware plugins, including the Loades de-esser and PREDD microphone preamp.

TILTA is available for free download from the Analog Obsession’s official Patreon page. You can support the developer by sending them a donation.

If you’re looking for a somewhat different take on the tilt equalizer concept, check out the freeTILT! plugin by Mixland. It doesn’t let you adjust the center frequency but instead offers a tube-style saturation circuit that colors the signal.

Download: TILTA (8.1 MB download size, ZIP archive, 64-bit VST2/VST3/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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  1. Hillbillius Broon


    “Donate To Any Ukrainian Charity And Get A Free G-Sonique Plugin”.

    Boo! (From someone with relatives, in both countries, of both Ukrainian and Russian blood).
    By sharing politically motivated promos, you’re being political. So no point turning off comments.

    On a more relevant, non-political note, thanks for what you do, although awareness of all these great free plugins congests my VST folders. Analog Obsession = best freeware.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Charity is not politics (from someone in Eastern Europe who felt the terrors of war). And, you’re welcome. Thanks for reading BPB!

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