Deelay Is A FREE Delay Plugin By Sixth Sample


Sixth Sample releases Deelay, a FREE multifunctional delay plugin for macOS and Windows.

Deelay is a result of a collaboration between Sixth Sample and Integraudio. It is a versatile delay effect with several processing modes.

Right in the center of the GUI is the Delay Time knob (0-1000ms in Millisecond Mode). The Delay Time function has three more modes, Normal, Triplet, and Dotted, all of which sync to your project BPM. On either side of the Delay Time knob is Ping Pong and Mono switches.

The interface is relatively busy but straightforward and even comes with some help text when hovering over any control. It’s resizable too, which is always nice.

Going from left to right, we start with Diffusion Amount/Size controls that you can use to create interesting reverbs. Below those are basic filter controls, Low Cut and High Cut. If you look to the bottom right of the GUI, there’s an Fdb Filter button; when engaged, filtering is processed before the signal is fed back to the delay.

Under the filter settings are Tape and Distortion. Tape emulates the Wow/Flutter of an analog tape machine, introducing imperfections to the Delay Time. Distortion comes with various characters, from Saturation to Tube to Pixelated.

Next up is Duck, which sidechains the wet signal, so things don’t get overly chaotic. It comes with Duck Attack/Release settings.

The right-hand side of the interface starts with Modulation Amount, which modulates the Delay Time, followed by Modulation Rate.

The remaining controls are Feedback, Spread, Dry, and Wet. There’s nothing too unusual, but Deelay does pack a decent amount into a free plugin while keeping everything neat and tidy.

If slightly quirky free delay plugins are your thing, check out HZ Delay (recently covered) or head to our FREE delay plugins article.

Other notable features include A/B testing and 100 factory presets.

Deelay is available in AU and VST3 formats for macOS (10.9 upwards) and Windows (8.1 upwards).

Please note that you’ll need to submit a valid email address to download the plugin.

Download: Deelay


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  1. This is like the big free verb day! C delay also released, free for a limited time, will retail at $29

    • Michal Ochedowski


      There is one thing about ANWIDA’s limited time free offers that doesn’t seem right to me though. They give users access to installers for free, but don’t provide any serial numbers or license keys. If plugin is updated on a later date and someone would like to download it and update their version, they can’t do that. These plugins don’t appear on their account. That’s what happened with ANWIDA’s Tremolo plugin. I contacted developer and they confirmed it. They also recommend keeping the installer on the hard drive. In case it’s lost, nothing can be done about that.

  2. i like the interface, especially the “PiPo” button.
    looks like a perfect delay plugin with nothing to wish for more and well designed and good looking layout and gui.

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