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Delay effects come in all shapes and sizes, from vintage-style tape delays to innovative effects with multi-node echoes. We tested and picked the best free delay VST plugins to help you find the perfect echo for your song.

A delay plugin can be a mixing tool that makes a particular audio track sit better in your mix. For example, you can use a tape delay effect to make the vocal mix sound bigger and more spacious.

Likewise, delay plugins are indispensable sound design tools. You can use a delay plugin like Valhalla Super Massive to create cinematic soundscapes and other types of monumental sounds that will dominate the sound stage.

Free Delay VST Plugins (2024 Update)

These are the best free delay plugins in 2024:

  • Valhalla Super Massive
  • Baby Comeback
  • Valhalla Freq Echo
  • NastyDLA mkII
  • HY-Delay 4 Free
  • Hysteresis
  • CHOW Matrix
  • GSi VariSpeed
  • Cocoa Delay
  • Spaceship Delay
  • Airwindows TapeDelay
  • DLYM
  • HZ Delay

Valhalla Super Massive

Valhalla Supermassive by ValhallaDSP

Super Massive by Valhalla DSP is a freeware delay VST plugin that will make any piece of audio sound larger than life. The plugin delivers fourteen monumentally large delay algorithms with wildly different tonal characteristics.

The available delay modes are named after galaxies and constellations: Hydra, Gemini, Orion, Centaurus, Cassiopeia, Cirrus Minor, Cirrus Major, Sagittarius, Great Annihilator, Large Magellanic Cloud, Triangulum, Capricorn, Lyra, Andromeda.

The interface lets you control the Delay Time, Warp, Mix, Width, Feedback Density, Modulation Rate, Density, and the filters. The GUI design is straightforward, and it helps the user get the job done quickly.

Each delay mode offers a different sound with varying complexity, size, and atmosphere. Some algorithms are better at delivering unique delay-type effects, while others excel as lush reverbs and simulations of otherwordly spaces.

Like many other sound designers, I use Super Massive as the main delay/echo plugin for cinematic sounds. It is one of the most essential tools in my sound design toolkit, capable of turning dull sounds into never-ending soundscapes.

Super Massive is available for Windows and macOS (including M1 support).

More info: Valhalla Super Massive

Baby Comeback

Baby Comeback by BABY Audio

Baby Comeback by Baby Audio is a simple delay VST with a wonderfully retro sound. It is the freeware edition of BABY Audio’s award-winning delay/echo plugin – Comeback Kid.

The free Baby Comeback plugin features four different FX modules (Analog, Saucy, Cheap, and Wide) that can be applied to the audio input individually and simultaneously.

I use Baby Comeback as the go-to delay plugin for vintage-style delays. It’s incredibly easy to use, and the included presets offer a variety of classic delay styles that are only a click away.

The modern-looking UI sports a streamlined control scheme optimized for a quick sound design workflow. It also features a built-in ducker and a ‘ping-pong’ delay mode to help you develop complex stereo delay sounds quickly.

I love how the Flavor section offers four quick tools for making the delay sound more vintage and spacious. You can use the Widen, Analog, Saucey, and Cheap buttons to make the delay sound more retro.

More info: Baby Comeback

Valhalla Freq Echo

ValhallaFreqEcho by valhalladsp.

Freq Echo by Valhalla is a plugin that creates intense, psychedelic-sounding delays and echoes. It is more straightforward to use than the Super Massive delay listed above.

With only five controls on its GUI, the Freq Echo is convenient and user-friendly. Flexibility isn’t the key here. Freq Echo aims to achieve a specific “pitched” delay sound, which it nails well.

Aside from the usual Mix, Feedback, and Delay options, Freq Echo offers a frequency shifter and a pair of filters. The pitch shifter module provides the plugin’s signature “unstable” delay feel, leading to interesting, detuned sounds.

I typically use Freq Echo for quick slap-back delays and intentionally unstable echoes that sound great on percussion and slow arpeggios.

Freq Echo is available for Windows and macOS.

More info: Valhalla Freq Echo

NastyDLA mkII

NastyDLA mkII

NastyDLA mkII by Variety of Sound is the updated version of an old classic. The developer recently released 64-bit versions of their legendary freeware plugins, and this lovely delay effect is now compatible with modern DAW software.

It is still freeware, even with a new, improved backend for better sound. Everything from the input stage to the tape compressor has been updated while maintaining the same controls and features.

NastyDLA mkII produces a more convincing analog tape delay effect than the original. The interface offers a wide range of parameters to control the delay, making it more versatile than most free delay VST plugins.

I still use Nasty DLA mkII on vocals. The built-in ducking allows the vocals to cut through the echo. Also, the Aged mode adds a nice vintage vibe that sounds great on more aggressive vocals.

The software is available on Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and is compatible with any software that supports the VST2 plugin format.

More info: NastyDLA mkII

HY-Delay 4 Free

HY-Delay 4 FREE

HY-Delay 4 Free by HY Plugins is a free delay plugin based on the full version of HY-Delay 4. It features independent left and right delay time adjustment, an onboard ducker, and a ping-pong stereo delay.

The included ducker lets you customize the attack, release, and sensitivity parameters. This makes HY-Delay 4 Free a great choice for use on vocals and buses, especially if you need a delay that sounds modern and clean.

Also included are a 3-band parametric EQ, two filters, and a feedback control with four different parameters. The preset randomizer allows you to lock the parameters you don’t want to randomize, making it easy to explore possibilities and create unique sounds without wasting time on too many unusable random combinations.

HY-Delay 4 Free is available for both Windows and macOS. Check out the full version if you want a more complex delay plugin.

More info: HY-Delay 4 Free


HYSTERESIS glitch delay VST/AU plugin by Glitchmachines.

Hysteresis by Glitchmachines is a delay plugin for modern sound design. The plugin features a unique stutter effect and various standard delay settings such as delay time, filter, and modulation.

The settings are divided into three parameters each (excluding modulation):

  • Stutter – Size, Speed, and Mix;
  • Filter – Floor, Rate, and Resolution;
  • Feedback- Time, Feedback, and Separation.

Hysteresis is available for Windows and macOS. It includes over 100 presets to improve your sound design workflow.

If you’re looking for glitched, robotic delay sounds, this free delay plugin is worth checking out.

I often use it as an inspiration tool for sound design. When working on a new cinematic sound, simply loading Hysteresis on a track and browsing through some of the presets will provide enough inspiration to create new and unique FX combinations.

More info: Hysteresis

CHOW Matrix

CHOW Matrix

CHOW Matrix by ChowDSP is a node-based delay plugin. Its internal processing chain is freely scalable, letting you build anything from simple delay effects to complex multi-node echo setups.

Each node adds a layer of complexity to the delay signal chain. The nodes are identical, each offering nine parameters, but you can change the parameters on each node independently of all the others.

The number of nodes you can add to the node tree is unlimited. You can use the CHOW Matrix to create a basic single-node delay or create extraordinary soundscapes using a large node tree.

Despite its complexity, CHOW Matrix is relatively easy to operate. It uses some clever GUI shortcuts to speed up the workflow. For example, the position of each node in the editor sets that node’s pan parameter on the output.

CHOW Matrix is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Linux. It’s not for everyone, but it’s one of the most flexible delay plugins we’ve seen.

More info: CHOW Matrix

GSi VariSpeed

VariSpeed by GSi

VariSpeed by GSi is a delay plugin designed to mimic the WEM Copicat IC-400 Belt Drive VariSpeed hardware delay as closely as possible. It has the same controls and a hardware-inspired GUI.

The freeware delay by GSi sounds almost exactly like the Copicat. I wish it provided more sound customization options. However, even with its limited control scheme, VariSpeed can be useful as a character delay on guitars, vocals, and synths. 

If you need a vintage-style analog tape delay plugin, VariSpeed is one of the more unique free options available. It captures the sound of its hardware counterpart while bringing a slice of that tape delay magic to your DAW.

More info: GSi VariSpeed

Cocoa Delay

Cocoa Delay by Tesselode

Cocoa Delay is an open-source delay VST plugin. It’s straightforward, easy to use, and versatile.

The interface is simple but well-designed, with a modern-looking GUI. It features Delay, LFO, Drift, Feedback, Ducking, Filter, and Drive, each with its own sub-controls.

There are three pan modes: Static, Circular, and Ping Pong. You can also control the Wet and Dry parameters.

Cocoa Delay is available only on Windows in VST2 format for 32-bit and 64-bit.

More info: Cocoa Delay

Spaceship Delay

Spaceship Delay

Spaceship Delay by Musical Entropy is a versatile delay plugin with six main control parameters, each with several sub-controls. The plugin gives plenty of fine-tuning options to the user, but the interface does look a bit dated.

The six control categories are:

  • General – Input, Output, Mix, Attack, and Spring;
  • Delay – Mode, Delay, Feedback, Freeze/looper, and Sync. Type;
  • Filters – Filter Type, Low Cut, High Cut, Attenuation, and Location;
  • Modeling – Saturation and Delay Type;
  • Modulation – Amount, Rate, Filter Amount, Filter Rate, and Filter EF;
  • Effects – Effect Type, Amount, Rate, and Location.

Together, there are 26 parameters to help you customize the delay.

Spaceship Delay is available for Windows and macOS (32-bit and 64-bit) in VST, AU, and AAX formats.

More info: Spaceship Delay

Airwindows TapeDelay

TapeDelay by Airwindows is a peculiar delay plugin intended as a Christmas gift from Airwindows to its fans. Due to its excellent sound quality and simple controls, it became somewhat of a cult classic (as most Airwindows plugins do).

This bare-bones plugin with a simple slider interface yields surprisingly interesting results. It maintains an old-school analog delay vibe that translates well to the modern DAW environment. TapeDelay has simple controls with six parameters that can make swerving delays.

TapeDelay isn’t a visually ‘polished’ plugin, but it sounds great. It’s available on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

More info: TapeDelay


DLYM 2.0 by Imaginando

DLYM is a delay modulator by Imaginando. Its sound is based on DRC’s chorus effect, but the developers included several additional features to make DLYM more useful as a delay effect.

DLYM has 20 presets for speedy use, a built-in patch manager, an adjustable stereo spread, and six modulation waveforms. The modulation waveforms can be synchronized independently from your DAW’s project tempo.

The sleek and modern interface offers two processing modes and a streamlined control scheme. DLYM is available in the AAX, AUv3, AU, and VST formats for Windows, macOS, and iOS.

More info: DLYM

HZ Delay

HZ Delay by Higher Hz

HZ Delay combines delay, reverb, chorus, filtering, and saturation effects, offering a powerful sound design combo. It features three echo stages with different control parameters, allowing for complex delays with multiple delay lines.

Another interesting trick is HZ Delay’s ability to send a portion of the signal from the third echo stage back to the first one. You can also swap the left and right channels using the Crossfeed control.

With its advanced feature set and built-in effects, HZ Delay is a fascinating creative tool for sound designers and music producers who want to make unique sounds.

More info: HZ Delay

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  1. Definitely check out Deelay by Sixth Sample. It has everything a go-to delay needs: HP/LP, modulation, ducking, diffusion, saturation, etc.

  2. I miss a couple of plugs on this list – Airwindows TapeDelay 2 and PitchDelay, Spirals by Daniel Gergely, UrsaDSP Lagrange and Full Bucket Brigade Delay.

    • yeah, but that ain’t free, and what’s more its not even perpetual, upgrade every year or lose out. no thanks

  3. Another +1 for Sixth Sample’s Deelay to be added to the list, it covers all needs for a delay with a simple fast interface. The only thing it can’t do is analog self oscillation feedback like Nasty DLA but for everything in the ‘well behaved’ realm it’s got you covered.

  4. Another vote for Sixth Sample Deelay. It really should be near the top of this list. Supermassive is great but I dont think of it as a delay plugin. Its definitely geared more towards HUGE ambient reverbs and sound design.

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