Clairvoyant Amp Suite By MMS Intro Sale (WINNER ANNOUNCED)


MMS offers a FREE copy of the new Clairvoyant | Amp Suite to one lucky BPB reader and an extra 15% discount for all BPB readers.

Clairvoyant | Amp Suite is a modern guitar amp suite from the folks over MMS and is quite a tidy little package for the money.

As part of Clairvoyant’s introductory period, you can purchase it now for $69 instead of the usual $89. BPB readers get an additional 15% discount with coupon code BPB15.

Clairvoyant | Amp Suite comes with three flavors of amps, a modest but usable pedalboard, and an IR loader.

The three amp types are immediately useful and have a unified set of controls. Low and mid correspond to low and mid-gain tones and sound great. Heavy has great grit and push. The handy Tilt and Enhance features allow additional sound sculpting beyond the three-knob tone stack.

Each amp setting is individual to that amp model, so you can dial in separate settings for the clean and mid-gain tones quite easily.

The pedalboard isn’t bursting at the seams with effects but is also quite effective. Any guitarist worth their salt would expect an overdrive pedal, and the one here is great. The addition of a mix knob on each of the pedals is a great touch as well. The fuzz sounds quite nice, too, if you want to channel your inner Hendrix or Sleep.

Clairvoyant Amp Suite features a pedalboard.

Clairvoyant Amp Suite also features a pedalboard.

The IR section is wonderfully featured and allows for the blending of two separate IRs. There are provided ones from MMS, but you have the option of loading your own if you so choose. I personally think it would pair quite well with the Rhythm or Chainsaws and Rainbows pack from Bogren Digital.

Clairvoyant is a very straight and to-the-point amp sim. It doesn’t require a bunch of futzing with settings to get what you’re after.

Perhaps the most novel feature to be seen in an amp sim is the input gain relying on you playing chugs before it sets itself to the appropriate level. It speeds up and simplifies the gain staging significantly.

Windows and macOS binaries are available for Clairvoyant, with VST3 and AAX being multiplatform and AU being Mac-only. Mac users have the option between Intel and Apple Silicon installers.

More info: Clairvoyant | Amp Suite (22% OFF intro sale, get an additional 15% OFF with coupon code BPB15)

The Giveaway

MMS kindly provided a free copy of Clairvoyant | Amp Suite for one lucky BPB reader.

To enter the giveaway, answer the following question in the comments below: What is your favorite metal riff?

We will choose one random comment and announce the lucky winner on March 6th, 2023.

Good luck, everyone, and thank you for reading BPB!

The winner is: Artem (a*********@*****.***)

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  1. This probably doesn’t count as “metal,” but I like the electric guitar parts from What I See by Elevation and Know You Will by United

  2. The opening riff in GOAT by Polyphia. This song literally started my guitar career and it’s the first song I’m currently practicing.

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