FREE 909 Sample Pack + Ableton Live Rack For BPB Readers


Studio Brootle offers the 909 Rumble Pack and the 909 Rumble Rack for Ableton Live as a free download for all BPB readers.

909 Rumble Pack is a free TR-909 drum machine sample pack featuring an overdriven 909 drum kit with added subs. It was designed to capture 909’s signature sonic flavor while sounding more modern and with plenty of low-end.

Studio Brootle used “warehouse subs” to enhance the source 909 sounds. These spacious subs were created by processing kick reverbs, resulting in plenty of low-end energy that adds weight to the enhanced 909 kits.

The 909 Rumble Pack is free to download from Studio Brootle’s website, but they also prepared an exclusive freebie for BPB readers.

909 Rumble Rack lets you use the same processing techniques on your drums. Studio Brootle converted the entire signal chain into an Ableton Live rack with macro controls that simplify the workflow.

909 Rumble Rack is an easy tool to boost your kicks.

With the 909 Rumble Rack, you can adjust the reverb decay, pre-delay, drive amount, and bass boost intensity. If you’re looking for an easy way to add more weight to your kicks, the 909 Rumble Rack is a good place to start.

909 Rumble Rack is compatible with Ableton Live 11 or newer.

If you like this free 909 kit, check out Studio Brootle for more free drum kits, Ableton Live racks, and tutorials. It’s a great place to find quality free sounds and to brush up on your Ableton Live skills.

The website currently offers additional drum machine sample packs, a techno kick sample pack, and a bunch of Ableton Live packs and presets.

And since you’re currently on BPB, we suggest checking out our free BPB Cassette 909 sample pack. If you prefer VST plugins, the BPB Cassette Drums virtual instrument will be more your style.

Download: 909 Rumble Pack / 909 Rumble Rack


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