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MeldaProduction and Audio Plugin Deals have teamed up for an excellent promo offer. You can get the MTurboEQ plugin for just $33, saving you 81% on the usual retail price.

If you’re unfamiliar with MeldaProduction, they have a solid reputation for creating a signature line of high-quality VST effects and instruments at accessible prices.

MTurbo EQ is a powerful equalizer that optimizes your workflow during mixing sessions. It offers 11 emulations of vintage analog hardware units, offering a generous scope of textural and sound shaping options.

Each EQ model has a dedicated tab on the user interface, and switching between models takes a single mouse click.

One useful feature of MTurboEQ’s interface is that the layout of your GUI remains consistent regardless of the EQ model you choose to work with.

Your set parameters remain consistent while switching between models, saving considerable time and effort while mixing.

The main control parameters are:

  • Analog – Adds a pleasant warmth to your output signal to help give your sounds a more vintage, analog feel.
  • Saturation – Introduces harmonic texture and soft-knee compression to your output signal. Use this control alongside the Analog dial to find the ideal blend of grit and color.
  • Low Shelf/ High Shelf Filters – These filters were more common on vintage EQ hardware than lowpass and highpass filters. Each filter has a dedicated gain and frequency knob for quick and easy tweaking.
  • 4 Peak Filters – Allows you to attenuate specific frequency response regions. Each filter uses a gain knob for raising or reducing peaks within your selected frequency band.

MTurboEQ also offers two primary operation modes, depending on the precision at which you wish to work.

Stepped mode lets you make frequency adjustments according to predetermined values (steps/intervals) on each EQ control. This mode is perfect for quick and obvious mixing decisions.

Continuous mode is used for more in-depth refinements and offers a range of usability that classic vintage emulators previously lacked.

MTurboEQ allows you to set your EQ to mid/side, single channel, or surround sound processing modes.

MTurboEQ’s greatest asset is its quick workflow, paired with a decent selection of EQ models. It is a great fit for both beginner and advanced producers.

I recommend trying MTurboEQ on elements like drums, guitars, and synths or even throwing it on your Master channel. Essentially, you’re buying 11 equalizers in one unit with this deal, which is an absolute steal at $33.

MTurbo EQ is available to users of Windows 7 or higher in VST, VST3, and AAX versions. Mac users will need OSX 10.9 or later and can get the device in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX format.

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