Lotus Sound Releases FREE ADM Delay Plugin


Lotus Sound has released the ADM, or Analog Delay Machine, a free delay plugin for Windows and macOS.

And we’re back with yet another delay plugin!

ADM is different from your typical free delays and packs four independent lines into a single plugin interface. The sound of the delay is quite lovely, and I did find myself enjoying the atmosphere it brings to things.

The manual seems to be curiously absent, and there isn’t really a usage guide. Thankfully, I took the liberty of forcing this thing to do weird stuff so I could figure out what does what.

The interface is divided into two distinct sections. The leftmost section has four delays, numbered accordingly. This is where your delay controls reside. I couldn’t see a way to force it into free running, so you’re stuck with time-synced delay taps.

They’ve got a good bit of range, however. You can readily slap it from 1/128 to 1/2 with ease. Each of these seems to also be stereo delays, from what my ears could infer.

The rightmost section is where the actual controls come into play. You’ve got a feedback knob, the one you know and love at this point.

I found the range on this to be a little fuzzy, as I could barely tell what was happening at, say, 20-30%, but 60-70% sounded about normal to my ears. This is coupled with a filter, which is a curious control. At 0%, it makes the delay lines fairly clean.

At 100%, however, you get wonderful atmospheres, which I guess is modulation or a diffusion network coming into play. You’ll want to leave it at 100% if you’re after some lush sounds.

This is capped off with a dry/wet knob. I did find that 30% was my sweet spot for insert effects. I typically don’t run delays as a send so I can have different tap lengths for different materials.

That said, it sounds wonderful.

ADM is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST, VST3, and AU. I couldn’t seem to get the VST to function on my Windows machine, but the VST3 works just fine on my Mac and Windows computers.

Download: Analog Delay Machine (FREE – Limited number of downloads)


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  1. Well, there’s five plugins on the website, including the ADM and it says they’re all free (no mention of a limited time offer, so you may want to look into that).

    • Quote:
      “All the plugins are FREE :)
      If you like my work and can afford it, you can purchase the ULTIMATE BUNDLE for 5€ to support us and enable us to fund the creation of future plugins.”

      – Yeah, looks to be the case. The “number of downloads” number could just be how many times these were downloaded so far.

    • And all of them are excellent, super plugins
      for audio production, for my taste and needs,
      thank you so much creating them, thank you!

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