SoundToys Offers Little Plate Reverb For FREE Until December 1st


SoundToys is giving away their Little Plate reverb plugin for FREE until December 1st, 2023.

Keep in mind that the offer is not valid if you have already redeemed Little Plate in the past. Given that the plugin usually retails at 99$, be sure to grab it while you can!

To get a free copy of Soundtoys Little Plate, you just need to complete a form with your name and email address, hence subscribing to the SoundToys newsletter, and you’re eligible to receive a license for the plugin.

Little Plate is exactly what the name suggests: a minimalistic plate reverb plugin with a great sound.

It offers the lush and warm sound usually associated with plate reverbs but with a modern twist.

Little Plate was inspired by the original EMT 140 plate reverb. The hardware legend is painstakingly emulated in plugin form to capture its spacious and musical sound.

While the original reverb could only achieve a modest five seconds of reverberation time, Little Plate can have infinite Decay Time – which means Little Plate’s reverb tails never fade away for a restless washout effect.

A great application of this would be to create an ambient soundscape out of any of your tracks and then layer it underneath for a more cohesive sound.

I usually achieve this effect by employing creatively return tracks with a bunch of reverbs and delays, but Little Plate can help you get a similar result much quicker.

To make sure your reverb sound doesn’t muddy up and clutter your mixes, Little Plate features a low-cut control to filter out frequencies up to 1Khz.

A cool feature is the Mod switch, which introduces slight modulation into the reverb tail.

These subtle and chaotic variations can result in a thicker and more natural sound, especially at long decay times on pitched instruments like keys, guitar, and vocal parts.

A Dry/Wet knob lets you dial in the right amount of reverb in your tracks. I would probably use it on return tracks with the Wet parameter set to 100% for more control.

Little Plate features 25 presets to get you started and accustomed to a variety of different creative applications.

It’s compatible with both Windows and macOS 64-bit machines, with AAX Native, AAX AudioSuite, VST 2, VST 3, and Audio Units (AU) as available formats.

Bear in mind that an internet connection is required at the time of activation.

Download: Little Plate (FREE Until December 1st!)


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Fabio is a sound designer, sound engineer, and electronic music producer from Italy. His works can be found under the name HydraTek.


  1. So the reverb is ugly if you solo it. But in a mix it is absolutely glorious. It surprised me the first time, but it really does mix well and sounds good. Def cop it and find out for yourself.

  2. “Please check your email for installation instructions” after ordering but email has still not arrived an hour later. I tried a 2nd time and still no email. “Little Plate V5 Promo” has appeared in My Orders on their website with status “not shipped” and no way to download it without the email.

  3. Puremagnetik Stages (Dual Golden Ratio Delay) fuses geometry and sound with a precisely calculated golden ratio delay. Designed in collaboration with An Moku “Stages” comes with his new album Shapes. Through November 15th, get Shapes and the Stages plugin for $1 (name-your-price) on Bandcamp.

  4. It is generally a good idea to take these Promo Licenses as they count as “full license” and bring loyalty discount offers from their vendors.

    I have seen this at least from Soundtoys,Arturia,NI and Izotope.

  5. Excellent plugin but beware….. It will also try and instal iLok without asking and when I quit the installation, I lost all my licenses. It showed a duplicate of my pc… Same name,but different ID. I’ve had to reinstall iLok and re-activate my plugins in this “new” pc and request a reset of my old PC ID. Luckily, all my plugins have multiple activations allowed, or my week would’ve been screwed waiting for the reset. Never happened to me before and it could’ve been a windows update issue but seems a coincidence.
    Enter the iLok code first before installing and watch out for the iLok installation within the plugin exe file!

  6. Good news, thanks Fabio, BPB & Soundtoys, i imagine i will be using this reverb a lot in future, experimenting using it with compression, side chaining… it just sounds awesome.
    I like the considerate installation method offered of asking whether to licence the plugin to my computer or to use iLok, very helpful option and easy install.

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