Mew MeldaProduction MCenter Plugin Is FREE For A Limited Time


MeldaProduction offers the new MCenter mid-side plugin as a free download for a limited time.

Every now and again, there is a freebie that is worth snapping up as fast as possible. MeldaProduction is no stranger to giving away goodies, and they’re back with another limited-time freebie.

Granted, it has been some years since the introduction of the free MSpectralDelay. Thankfully, the wait for another MeldaProduction plugin is over, as you can snap up MCenter free for a limited time.

MCenter isn’t like your typical spatialization plugin. Instead, the plugin gives you complete control over the mid/side processing of a given signal.

You can easily manipulate the phantom center of a signal thanks to some spectral trickery I won’t pretend to understand.

I’ll readily admit I probably need a bit more time with MCenter this one to understand how it works. That said, I think it has enormous potential for mixing and mastering.

It might be anathema to some users, but I readily reach for mid/side tools instead of drowning client mixes out with a little too much reverb. MCenter has been an interesting tool that lends itself well to giving fine granular control over the stereo field of a given audio source.

Like all Melda plugins, MCenter’s interface has a bit of a learning curve. It’s not a plugin you can just load and get instant results right away.

That said, if you’re familiar with the way Melda plugins work, you’re likely good to go. I always have to take a refresher on accurately using the plugins.

I’d honestly expect this functionality to come from a paid plugin, which this will default to after the promotional period is over. As such, if you want to have an indispensable tool for your mixes, I’d move quickly before the expiration date elapses.

As with all MeldaProduction plugins, all updates are free, so you won’t have any surprise fees moving to the latest version of MacOS.

All I know is that after this gets published, I’ll be right back to tinkering with MCenter to explore new ways to use it in a mix. This has the makings of a useful piece of kit, but I need a little more time to learn how it works.

Download: MCenter (FREE for a limited time)


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