MSpectralDelay Is FREE Until June 3rd! ($119 Value)


MeldaProduction has announced that the MSpectralDelay ($119 regular price) creative delay VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugin is available for free download until June 3rd this year.

MSpectralDelay is an advanced delay effect capable of transforming the delayed signal in the spectral domain. In other words, the processed audio can be set to a different pitch, opening a world of possibilities for creative sound design. In addition to spectral processing capabilities, MSpectralDelay includes an EQ and a stereo manipulation module for creating complex delay effects.

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The user interface is organized into four main sections. The preset manager is positioned on the left, followed by the main FX controls, the metering section, and various utilities on the right. Because of the plugin’s elaborate feature set, the control layout might look a bit intimidating at first. Thankfully, the most important parameters like delay time and feedback can be accessed quite easily. The advanced spectral processing and modulation controls are available in separate sections to keep the user interface streamlined. It would be great if MeldaProduction released an in-depth video walkthrough to help new users find their way around MSpectralDelay. For now, there’s a detailed manual in PDF format which can be downloaded from the product page linked below.

Of course, all of the standard MeldaProduction goodies are featured in MSpectralDelay. This includes a freely resizable user interface, smart parameter randomization, up to 16X oversampling, automatic gain compensation, free updates, and more. The effect is compatible with all VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin hosts on Windows and MacOS.

The product is normally priced at $119 but you can grab it completely free of charge during the next two weeks. It’s as simple as signing up for a free MeldaProduction user account and redeeming the free MSpectralDelay license in your user area. When signing up you can choose whether you want to receive the MeldaProduction newsletter or not. Keep in mind that your free MSpectralDelay license is NFR (not for resale), meaning that you won’t be able to sell your license later on.

TIP: When visiting the product page linked below, you might be confused by the fact that the product is still marked with the regular $119 price tag. However, after logging in to your MeldaProduction user account (free registration required), simply visit your user area and click the button to receive the MSpectralDelay license. Thanks to our reader Huggy for pointing this out in the comments section.

MSpectralDelay is available for free download via MeldaProduction ($119 value, free until June 3rd, 2018).

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    • MeldaProduction owner is a dev known for being obsessive with algorithm optimization, something helped by the fact he is the son of a math’s expert and so has grown literally toying with such.

      Mplugins are very economical in CPU use, an specification which anyway gets improved, up to par with the best findings in the field, quite regularly.

  1. The link leads to the download page, where it states I can purchase for £99 or download a demo for free. Is there another page for the full, free download mate? Cheers.

    • Don’t worry, I’ve found it.

      Under the section for purchase, there’s a black box that you can click to register. I’m on mobile, so it maybe the way it’s presented.

      Cheers :-)

  2. Installed this and several other plugins from Melda but when I choose them in my DAW, I receive a warning message “Invalid argument index in format “”. Why is that, any tips?

  3. I can’t figure out how to get the license! I signed up for an account, but when I log in, my user account shows that I have no licenses. I know the deal ends soon but I’m hoping someone can help me with this issue before then. Thanks!

  4. Stefan Tiedje


    I have the same problem, there is no button on the user area. Could someone provide a screenshot?

  5. Stefan Tiedje


    I sent a mail to support, and got an answer to try again, they fixed the site and it worked now…

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