IK Multimedia’s MixBox Is 85% OFF At Audio Plugin Deals


IK Multimedia’s MixBox plugin is now 85% off at Audio Plugin Deals, allowing you to pick up the mix suite for just $30, down from a list price of $200. 

The sale for this Windows and Mac release will end on March 13, 2024. 

Note that this bargain price is only available at Audio Plugin Deals, and the same deal is not available at the IK Multimedia web store. 

MixBox is a virtual rack plugin made in the style of 500-series modules. 

The suite is designed to pack the best mixing plugins from IK Multimedia into a mixing rack with 77 plugin units and mixing processors.

With MixBox, you can create, compare, and save your own custom channel strips or multiFX chains.

The plugin offers a choice from “over 600 presets or drag and drop any of the 70 effects modules to create your own unique sound.”

The drag-and-drop design allows you to easily create chains on the fly, swap the order around, and save the chain when you’ve dialed in the desired sound.  

MixBox puts all this at your fingertips in a single window, so you won’t have to jump between different plugins to get your sound. 

The 77 audio processors are divided into 10 categories, and feature units from T-RackS, AmpliTube and SampleTank in a single plugin. 

MixBox includes the following processors: 9 amps, 4 channel strips, 3 delays, 5 distortions, 8 dynamic processors, 4 EQs, 4 filters, 17 modulation units, 14 reverbs, and 3 saturation units. 

This range of effects covers “every need and style, from digital to analog, from subtle to extreme”. 

If you don’t know where to start with the settings, the presets have you covered for both individual effects and whole chains, which run the gamut from various applications, genres, and moods. 

There is also a standalone mode offering the ability to mix live from any audio source, with eight racks with up to eight effects each. 

The effects format for Mixbox is universal and portable, so you’ll have no worries getting a collab cooking with this release. 

The plugin is a 64-bit-only release compatible with Windows 7 or newer and macOS 10.10 or newer. 

The supported plugin formats are AU, VST2, VST3, and AAX. 

Check out the deal: MixBox (85% off – $29.99 until March 13th)


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    • Thanks for the tip. I was in doubt of getting it, but at that price it’s truly a nobrainer.

      It’s a great plugin. Just playing around with it I easily transformed a simple plain saw into a massive analog sounding living lead sound that was unrecognizable from the source. There’s so much to play with. Everything sounds high quality and it was surprisingly easy on the CPU too. Glad I got it.

    • And one get 3 x $5 added to the reward wallet at Audio Plugins Deals, for a quick review of Mixbox, plus the two freebies after the purchase

      • Can not use the reward wallet to get plugins free, but to shave the price. I am somewhat tempted to get Channel Robot’s Shapiro 2 VST for $15, or Waldorf’s PPG Wave 3 for $30

  1. Thx! Finally something really worth getting. I was actually thinking of getting it at $99 from IK Multimedia website. So, great news.

  2. I have gone from Mixbox free to Mixbox SE to Mixbox Full version now

    Seems the whole product was installed when I installed Mixbox Free, adding the Full version serial ,just unlocks all the features, those that were greyed out before, are now accessible.

    • I like there’s a dry wet knob with every effect and also the whole mixbox. I know many DAWs can do it as easy, but in this case you can trust these plugins are desingned to work parallel without weird phase issues. Not every plugin is designed to work in parallel, like example the famous OTT.

  3. Do yourself a favor and get this if you don’t have it! It is a fantastic tool! I’ve used it for everything from 8 channels of fantastic reverbs (This includes Studio 1’s Live and ISO Rooms and both plates and the Spring from the SUNSET SOUND Reverb!) to full on guitar rigs, in addition to the comps and eqs.. There are so just many tools included.

    • A bit like IK’s version of NI’s Guitar Rig, for this very low price, a must buy for the FX aficionados. To be able to mix and match and chain the 77 included boxes, makes it very hands on, and it doesn’t blow the CPU

  4. Highly recommended. I find myself using this package far more than most of the more expensive plugin suites I own. Even if you just use one or two of the effects available it’s still excellent value for money.

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