Psycho Circuitry Debuts FREE Micro Xformer Saturation Plugin


Independent developer Psycho Circuitry recently released the Micro XFORMer, a flexible transformer saturation and distortion plugin. 

The Micro Xformer+ and free Micro Xformer are available for Windows and Mac, although they have not yet been notarized by Apple.

The paid version is available at an introductory price of $19, which is reduced from the list price of $29.

The plugin launched on February 22, 2024, although the developer did not specify when the introductory sale would end.

The Micro Xformer+ has the following parameters: Central Drive knob, Mix, Input, Output, transformer selector, Hysteresis Amount, Hysteresis Character and Contour.

Psycho Circuitry states that these last three parameters allow you to fine-tune the distortion and shape its character. 

Hysteresis Amount controls the level of hysteresis, Hysteresis Character enables adjustment from a brittle sound through to a spongy sound, while Contour shapes the clipping onset to preserve more natural transients.

There are four transformer types to choose from via a selector at the top left of the plugin: Modern Clean, Modern Lush, Vintage Crunch, and Vintage Push. 

The free Micro Xformer version has the same design as its bigger brother, although Hysteresis Amount and Contour have been cut from the design, and there are only two transformer types available. 

The Psycho Circuitry YouTube channel hosts a demo that shows off the Micro Xformer+ and Micro Xformer, so you can hear the plugin in action before committing to a download. 

Psycho Circuitry also uploaded another video for the release that describes how important hysteresis is to the signature sound of a transformer. 

The Micro Xformer plugins support Windows 10/11 (x64) and MacOS BigSur+.

However, Psycho Circuitry states notarization for the Mac release is coming “soon”. 

If you’re not bothered by that, there is a ReadMe included in the installation Zip file describing how to install the plugin on a Mac system. 

As always, Psycho Circuitry has made the download process very simple, and you can download the installer in a Zip file within two clicks. 

Psycho Circuitry founder Jon has been quite vocal about his opposition to DRM and other onerous restrictions when it comes to software, so you gotta give him props for that approach. 

Jon has been quite busy lately, as just in December 2023, he released the A-TEK FET-162 line of compressors, which we covered here

This product line features two paid comps, plus a free version, similar to the Micro Xformer release.

Check out the deal: Micro XFORMer+ (Available for $ 19) / Micro XFORMer (FREE)


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  1. Like this developer. He’s been hard at work it seems and his plugins have yet to crush my DAW. Compressors are tidy (if you want them to), saturation is believable (really like this trafo too), oversampling included, GUI is clean and free plugins are really free – no registration crap whatsoever. Generous is the only suitable word. Worth a try. I only wish there was an option to type in the values, but nobody really does that except for me so yeah. Good stuff.

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