Nanodrums 01, Free Nanoloop Drum Loops By Hannes Pasqualini


Hannes Pasqualini (aka papernoise) has released Nanodrums 01, a set of free drum loops created using the Nanoloop sequencer app for iOS.

I’ve made some drumloops with the brilliant iOS app Nanoloop (the only app besides Jasuto I’ve ever found to be actually useful) which I’m sharing with you people here. Nanodrums 01 by Hannes Pasqualini is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Nanoloop drum loops by papernoise are available for free download via SoundCloud.

Audio Demo

Check out the Nanodrums 01 audio demo:

[soundcloud url=”″]


Download Nanodrums 01: click here
papernoise On SoundCloud: click here

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