Psycho Circuitry Releases FREE Razorgate Dynamics Processor


Psycho Circuitry releases Razorgate, a FREE dynamics processor for macOS and Windows

Razorgate by Psycho Circuitry is a free dynamics processor with a bit of attitude. As the catchy name suggests, Razorgate slices away any unwanted audio.

In typical Psycho Circuitry fashion, Razorgate can be quite transformative by adding the additional character inspired by analog VCAs.

This free gate plugin is built on the same technology as Razorgate+ ($19.99) and offers the same core functionality. The difference is that the paid version provides an external sidechain, sidechain filter, VCA color, and Dual Mono mode (the free version doesn’t offer these features).

The essence of Razorgate lies in the plugin’s Timing section with a Slew Rate Limiter gain control design. 

Slew rate refers to the rate at which a signal changes amplitude, the time it takes to switch between the minimum and maximum voltage.

While modern electronics don’t struggle to recreate an accurate slew rate without lagging, slew rate limiting remains a viable method of adding character.

Psycho Circuitry provides a short but useful little video discussing the practicalities of a slew rate limiter versus a typical timing circuit in a dynamics processor. The video details the more natural exponential response produced by the equivalent of a variable low-pass filter versus the linear response of a slew rate limiter.

There’s plenty of broader discussion regarding slew rate limiters versus low-pass filters and their application to CV/audio with differing benefits.

Psycho Circuitry suggests greater flexibility in the envelope’s behavior when starting with that linear trajectory.

Razorgate’s Character controls allow you to adjust that behavior by applying positive or negative values. You can make further adjustments to the Behavior and lag using the Hold and Hysteresis knobs in the Behavior section.

The interface features a handy gate state LED that shows the gate’s behavior and a Delta button that lets you hear what’s being removed.

Psycho Circuitry has been busy lately, and long may it continue. Razorgate came to us shortly after the release of the free miniOPT and the free VocalFixIt plugin suite. 

Razorgate comes in AU and VST3 formats for macOS (BigSur upwards) and Windows (10/11).

Download: Razorgate (FREE)


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  1. Dave Younger


    Thanks, but the link goes to Razorgate+ which is on sale but not free.
    I can see no free version on the site.

  2. Looks very nice.

    But in the meantime, I’m busy playing with these… (Comet’s Tail)
    Quite the collection of ~the weird~ and ~the noise~ for the adventurous. o_O;
    Mostly/all SynthEdit VST3 64bit for Windows apparently. Am still discovering that stuff.
    Varied bunch of plugins, but quite the lo-fi or noisey toys.

    • Yessss, those are some really fun, well made plugins. Hidden gems in my opinion. (My only complaint about ’em is what you mentioned: that they’re made with SynthEdit. But I like’ em so much that I can grudgingly look past it. A few of my most-used VSTs in my arsenal are SynthEdit creations.)

      • SynthEdit is like a drug. It’s bad for you, but you just can’t stop…

        Seriously, I’m grateful for it and SynthMaker/Flowstone. Lots of fun stuff has been done with them. I can only wish they’d get moar updates and faster, better platform compatibility, etc…
        I don’t see that happening until they (or something new) get open-sourced.

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