Superbooth24: Breaking News, Official Announcements, and Insider Rumors


Superbooth24 will take place in Berlin from May 16-18, and it promises to be the biggest and most exciting edition of Europe’s favorite synth event.

And yes, it’s official! Bedroom Producers Blog will attend Superbooth24 and provide coverage across all our channels (website, newsletter, YouTube, and social media). A big thank you to our sponsor, Minimal Audio, for the support!

I will do my best to cover the event as well as possible for those of our readers who can’t attend Superbooth24 in person.

With that in mind, if there’s any particular piece of gear you’d like to see featured on our YouTube channel or have any questions for the exhibitors, please let me know in the comments below.

I will write down your requests and questions and try to get them answered as part of our coverage.

Until then, here are the latest news, announcements, and rumors about the gear we’ll see at Superbooth24.

Superbooth24 in a nutshell

With over 250 confirmed international exhibitors of synthesizers and studio gear, it seems that Superbooth24 will be the biggest one so far.

Berlin’s major synth event has grown enormously since its inception as an indie synth gathering in 2017. It has quickly and somewhat unexpectedly taken over the title of Europe’s biggest music technology event.

While NAMM is still the world’s largest gathering for audio professionals, Superbooth is often considered the year’s leading event for us synthheads due to its relaxed nature and undeniable coolness factor.

Superbooth24 Tickets

If you plan to visit Superbooth24, ticket pre-sales are available online on the official website.

The daily ticket grants you access to the full day of activities from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. You can explore indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces until 7 p.m., then stay for the final concert that wraps up at 10 p.m.

Superbooth24 News and Rumors

So, here are the latest official Superbooth24 news and rumors about the gear we might or might not see at the event.


Polyend is rumored to reveal a new Tracker+ or Tracker 2 at Superbooth24, possibly named “Polyend Wave.”

It might be a logical step for the company, following steep discounts on the current full-size Tracker. Polyend previously gathered user suggestions on its forum for a revised version.


Arturia will most likely showcase its brand-new Astrolab keyboard and could bring additional announcements to Superbooth​.

It will be interesting to finally test the new Astrolab. I will probably make a no-talk demo video. If there are any features you’d like me to try in the video, let me know in the comments below.

Oberheim TEO-5

Oberheim TEO-5

The new Oberheim TEO-5 polyphonic synthesizer was recently leaked. It’s possible we’ll see it at Superbooth24.

According to the leaked info, it should be priced at $1,600.

Other Superbooth24 News

There’s speculation that Soundforce will unveil something new, and Make Noise teased an announcement​ for a new module.

Other intriguing rumors include a new modular synth from Supercritical Redshift 6, a new analog polysynth from Cyma Forma, and potential upgrades for the ASM Hydrasynth​​ synthesizer.

It’s very possible that FCPro Audio will showcase the newly announced Mixthesizer Jump live mixer. This looks like an interesting piece of audio hardware for live performances.

Another possible Superbooth 24 showstopper will be the Mayer EMI Vibes polysynth. The instrument is now available for preorders, and it’s highly likely we’ll be able to test it in Berlin.

Of course, regardless of the official news and rumors, there are always surprises to be expected at Superbooth24. I’ll be covering the event on BPB so that you don’t miss any new releases.

If you have any fresh information about what to expect on this year’s Superbooth, feel free to mention it in the comments below.

More info: Superbooth24 (May 16-18, FEZ Berlin)

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  1. Marcelo Gonçalves


    I don’t evento know if they will be at Superbooth24, but I would love to see the launching of a new iteration for Akai Force! That thing still is a beast, but there is already some room for hardware improvement.

  2. Satyabrata


    Wa prod vocal limiter is free limited time

  3. If Behringer is at Superbooth24 I’m very interested if they’re about to launch any new minis (or micros).

  4. any info video on the first love synthesizer from love synthesizers would be great and any info video of the korg nts 3 kaos pad in action ,
    cheers have a great time!! ;)

  5. Pawcontrol released by Floofaudio, for filtering and randomizing midi notes

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