Free Ear Training VST – Mr. Soundman By V-Plugs!

Mr. Soundman by V-Plugs.

Mr. Soundman by V-Plugs.

V-Plugs has released Mr. Soundman, a free interactive ear training tool in VST plugin format for Windows.

Mr. Soundman is a challenging free ear training game for music producers and sound engineers. Mr. Soundman is a powerful tool for assessing and improving frequency detection, a critical skill for mixing, recording and producing music. It also enables users to win excellence awards and prizes, and to participate in Mr. Soundman special competitions.

Mr. Soundman is available for free download via V-Plugs. Along with the free version, V-Plugs have also released Mr. Soundman Premium (priced at €29), offering some more advanced features.

Video Demo

Check out the Mr. Soundman demo video:


Download Mr. Soundman: click here
V-Plugs Website: click here

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