Opaque Sound Offers Free Essentials Bundle LITE


Opaque Sound, a new company from L.A.-based producer and engineer mattvalentine, is offering the Essentials Bundle LITE bundle.

It’s a package of essential one-shot samples and loops for all music makers, containing samples and MIDI files. The bundle contains everything from 808s and drum loops to basslines, hooks, and various other bits and pieces for sample-based music production.

The company also holds a music production competition from May 4th to July 6th to coincide with the bundle launch. Judging will occur on Discord on July 6th, and prizes will be awarded via direct message shortly after.

During this time, you can download the bundle and enter the competition, hosted on their Discord server, with a maximum of three entries.

The only requirement is that you use at least one sample from the bundle in a creative way.

There are no genre or style restrictions; the only suggestion is to keep individual submissions under three minutes in length.

This is the full list of prizes on offer:

  • 1st place: $100 + Website promotion of your socials + a 100% off code for the company’s future premium bundles
  • 2nd place: $75 + Website promotion of your socials + a 50% off coupon code
  • 3rd place: $50 + Website promotion of your socials + a 30% off coupon code

While the demos on the website made with the Essentials Bundle are mainly trap and hip-hop beats, the pack itself is not genre-specific.

The bundle contains five main sound categories: Drums, FX, Melodic, MIDI, and Vocals.

The first three are subdivided into One Shot and Loops, with further categories within each.

All Drum One Shots are tuned to C for ease of use and reference.

One interesting category is Stemmed Melodies, which contains 20 inspiring melodic ideas with individual stems and MIDI bass lines.

When I started producing, I found this type of content useful for breaking down a complete musical idea into its individual components.

The MIDI folder is full of melodic and harmonic ideas at various BPMs.

The Vocals folder contains 10 vocal accents, 5 chants, 5 vocal chops, and 6 tags.

All in all, it’s a nice package that comes neatly and professionally packaged.

I think it can be a cool addition to any level of producer, even if it seems to be aimed mainly at beginners.

UPDATE: The pricing has changed. Here is the up-to-date info:

The complete bundle is now on sale at $15, and a LITE edition has been released as the free version. This includes a limited number of each type of sound as well as an included discount code.

The LITE edition will stay free indefinitely, and the pack will go to $25 (full price) at the end of the contest in July.

Download: Essentials Bundle LITE


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  1. Trakction RetroMod Digital 1 is free the new Beat Magazine out next week (no 6, 2024)
    It also carries Syntorial Primer 2 as a freebie from the last issue

  2. I think that there is a little confussion:
    The lite version of this bundle is at no cost The other one is at $25 in discount (regular price is $45).

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hi ER, the offer on Opaque Sound’s website changed after we published the article. We are updating the info.

  3. The pack you described is NOT free..it currently costs $25.00, though there is a “lite” version offer.. it’s heavily stripped down in comparison.

    I wish companies would stop doing this crappy kind of marketing..saying something is free and then offering a lite version is not the same thing at all! 😒

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