H.G. Fortune Re-Releases The Shuniji Pro VSTi Synthesizer As Freeware

Shuniji Pro 2011 by H.G. Fortune.

Shuniji Pro 2011 by H.G. Fortune.

H.G. Fortune has re-released his Shuniji Pro VSTi synthesizer, an improved version of which is now available as freeware (aka Shuniji Pro Free Edition 2011).

Changes in Shuniji Pro – patch selector, patch renaming & managing (Load/Save), CG with free run / retrig mode, different CG design showing current position, CG with Soft-Stepped slider and more tempo options (1/1 to 1/64), wave selectors as popup, new knobs, modified output section with a little reverb added. Internal Sf2 with 2 banks (incl. original bank for basic patchcompability).

Shuniji Pro 2011 is available for free download via KVR Forums.

Audio Demo

Check out the Shuniji Pro audio demo:


Download Shuniji Pro 2011: click here
H.G. Fortune Online: click here

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