Behringer’s FREE Vintage Synthesizer VST Is Back!


Behringer’s new Vintage synth VST is back, and hopefully, it’s here to stay.

A few weeks ago, Behringer launched its first synth VST, Vintage, a FREE virtual analog synth with Vintage Modeling Circuitry.

We already have a list of the best free synthesizers on BPB and were excited to see if Behringer’s new freebie could be a worthy addition.

However, the launch wasn’t without controversy or confusion, as shortly after making its first appearance, Vintage vanished without warning.

Behringer is no stranger to controversy, as the German manufacturer often divides the opinions of synth enthusiasts with its perhaps tactless but often excellent clone offerings.

I doubt Behringer will be so divisive in the plugin world since purists who don’t like the clones are unlikely to download the VST.

Anyway, here we are, weeks later, and like the infamous disappearing-reappearing ink from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Vintage has reappeared, much to my delight.

We covered the synth on release, but here’s a quick recap:

The synth offers two oscillators with selectable waveforms, a hard-sync function, and a sub-oscillator. It also features two filters (12.24 dB switchable), a noise generator with a color knob that controls the low-pass cutoff, and dual LFOs for ample modulation options.

Vintage has a slightly odd look, although not a bad look; while the interface visualizes some of the Prophet influence with wooden cheeks and trim, it also looks relatively modern.

Vintage is free to download, but you have the option to donate whatever you see fit, and proceeds will help the Playing For Change Foundation continue its great work in music education.

I missed the initial release of Vintage, but Behringer could do well in this area despite the early hiccups.

After watching some of the early demos, it’s possible Behringer pulled the plugin to iron out a few glitches, but whatever the reason, it’s back and good to go now. 

Vintage comes with a wide range of vintage and modern presets designed to fit various genres.

I’m not sure it would be a true Behringer release if there wasn’t something to talk about other than the sound, but I think Vintage is worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Also worth checking out is our EQ6 Pro giveaway, so get your entry in while you can.

Vintage is available in AU and VST3 formats for macOS (10.13 upwards) and Windows (10 upwards).

Download: Vintage (FREE)


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  1. Michael Jones


    My understanding was that the original “release” was accidental – it was supposed to be only for beta testers and wound up being visible to everybody. Presumably this is the actual intended release!

  2. That is interesting, one need to install the Standalone version to be able to register the plugin, yet the Standalone version is optional choice when running the installer.

  3. A bit CPU hungry, but a very capable synth nonetheless. Such strange factory preset choices, a handful of interesting ambient-oriented ones, but a lack of classic and bread’n’butter presets for newcomers. More OSC, LFO and filter types would be welcomed, a simple way to add sound capabilities to a synth without too much work, yet still a common problem in todays synths. Also, the presets are all over the place in term of gain and octave placement, exhausting, off-puttingly so. Tsk, tsk.
    I wonder if Behringer would have better done a clone of a classic analog (Juno, OB, P5) than this to convert users to their plugin range. They’d suffer the competition, but at least they would show what they’re able or not to achieve.

      • Yep. It would be easy to call it “meh…” (ringer), but I think it’s worth more than that, despite some very questionnable choices.

        That border around the GUI, the presets, the registration process, etc… are not helping them, that’s a given. But hopefully they’ll learn from this, since obviously the beta testing team failed (or wasn’t listened to?).

        • Frits van Zanten


          Since I read it was very similar to Ableton’s Analog I tried to recreate one of the presets in Analog (I posted a link to this preset here, but it was (temporarily?) removed. The parameters are >95% the same. So I spent some time with it this weekend, but in the end it sounded very similar to me (I had to adjust the (DAW) track volumes to get then equally loud), both most here will have better ears for that. In the beginning it showed some unstable and unclear behavior, but strangely enough that disappeared.

  4. Gonna grab this before they start charging for it. I have paid vst’s and synths I consider useless. Sometimes the free music software is as good or better than what I’ve paid for.

  5. Cristiano Barata


    I like the synth. The user interface is pleasing, if a bit dated, functional and informative.
    What I do not like is the presets. I am sure this synth can do much better and I hope someone will come up with some decent preset banks.
    To my surprise, Vintage does not respond to the sustain pedal (MIDI CC 64). I would like to know if other users have come across the same problem. I think this is a silly fault and sincerely hope Behringer will correct it in a future version.
    All in all a rather nice freebie and I’m thankful to Behringer for bringing this out..

  6. Hi BPB…
    The serial number of the Vintage Synth is ok in Standalone but it is not possible to insert it in the plugin in Daw (in my case Garage Band)
    There is a solution ?? Thank you…

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