Free Roland Alpha Juno Hoover Sample Pack Released By Waveformless


Waveformless has released a set of free hoover samples, capturing the sound of this famous Alpha Juno preset (recorded from the Roland HS-10 synth in this case).

Another guest entry today from Adam who has sampled the famous “What The?” preset from the Roland Alpha Juno. This is the patch that would come to be known as the “hoover”and was on every rave record in existence for awhile. It was programmed by Eric Persing, who would later go on to start Spectrasonics.

Adam’s samples actually come from a Roland HS-10 which was a consumer version of the Alpha Juno with built-in speakers. Sonically, it’s identical to the Alpha Juno.

The samples are available for free download via Waveformless.


Download Free Hoover Samples: click here
Waveformless Online: click here

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