Salamander Drumkit – Free Acoustic Drum SFZ Sample Pack!

Salamander Drumkit by RytmenPinne!

Salamander Drumkit by RytmenPinne!

RytmenPinne! has released Salamander Drumkit, a great sounding free set of acoustic drum samples in SFZ format (check out BPB’s best free samplers list if you need a free SFZ player).

I sample my drumkit, All samples are stereo, normalized and have no eq/compression or other effects. I’ll let you the user figure that one out. It’s mapped with sfz and only tested with linuxsampler (get the latest development version for best result). It probably works as well with other samplers tho.

Salamander Drumkit is available for free download via RytmenPinne!.

Audio Demo

Check out the Salamander Drumkit audio demo:


Download Salamander Drumkit: click here
Visit RytmenPinne!: click here

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