11 Free Spooky Drone Samples Released By Tamas Dragon


These were released two months ago, but they’re still pretty cool – Tamas Dragon made a free set of 11 spooky drones available in 24-bit WAV format.

In the last few weeks I had to create many drones for a project and as I enjoyed the process very much, I thought it would be a nice gift to give some of the high quality drones away for free. Drones are good for sound design, for fx editing and creation, for creating different moods, atmosphere, or simply to inspire you to fabricate new sounds.

I would like to give 11 ‘psycho’ drones for free. They are freely downloadable, modifiable, usable, editable, etc. I only ask one thing in return (actually two).

The samples are available for free download via Tamas Dragon.

Audio Demo

Check out all the samples included in the pack:

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/1425949″ height=”200″ iframe=”true” /]


Download Free Drone Samples: click here
Tamas Dragon Online: click here

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