SyncerSoft’s Flanger And Reverberation VST Plugins Are Now Freeware

Flanger and Reverberation by SyncerSoft.

Flanger and Reverberation by SyncerSoft.

SyncerSoft has announced that their Flanger and Reverberation VST plugins are now re-released as freeware (previously priced at €5).

SyncerSoft has announced that its Flanger and Reverberation VST for Windows is now free (it was €5). SyncerSoft Flanger and Reverberation is a processing module delivering accurate analog emulations of flanger and Reverberation effects.

The plugins are available for free download via SyncerSoft. For more info about the two plugins, click here and here.

Last week Syncersoft has released Saw Landscapes, a freeware synthesizer suitable for making pad and SFX sounds.


Download SyncerSoft Freebies: click here

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