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Samples From Mars are running an epic 97% OFF deal on All the Samples From Mars, the complete product bundle which contains every sample pack they ever released.

All the Samples From Mars ($39 on sale) contains 46 individual sample libraries which feature the sounds of legendary drum machines and hardware synthesizers. All sampled instruments were processed exclusively using high-end studio gear and no plugins whatsoever. The list of sampled devices is quite long, but some of our favorite specimens are the Roland TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines, Oberheim DX and DMX, Linn LM-1, Roland SH-5 synthesizer, Korg MS-10, Yamaha DX100, and the WASP. In addition to these well-known instruments, the bundle contains some more obscure hardware pieces such as the Simmons SDSV analog drum kit, Star Instruments Synare, various Soviet synthesizers, and more.

The only reason we’re able to give away all of this hard (and costly) work for this price is that of your continued support. Somehow we’ve been able to drop the price AND reach more people – so, for as long as that happens, we’ll continue to discount this catalog every so often.

We put *everything* we make back into recording gear, new instruments to sample, and new team members, to continue giving you guys and gals even better samples every year. From last year’s sale, we upgraded our entire studio and the quality of our products increased exponentially.

The standout feature of Samples From Mars products is the label’s attention to detail when sampling hardware gear. The samples are edited to perfection while preserving the original sound of the source instrument. In most cases, Samples From Mars sound libraries contain both unprocessed and saturated samples. The clean samples are perfect for users who like to add additional processing on their own, whereas the saturated samples are a good fit for those of us who don’t have access to more expensive studio gear like tape machines and quality preamps.

A behind the scenes look at Samples From Mars.

Behind the scenes look at Samples From Mars.

The included libraries are compatible with all major sampler platforms like NI Kontakt (full version), Ableton Live, Propellerhead Reason, Logic, and others. The drum libraries are also compatible with Akai MPC500, 1000, and 2500, NI Maschine, and NI Battery. Of course, all products include the WAV files which can be used in virtually any digital audio workstation on the market.

To simplify the download for new customers, Samples From Mars have also provided the Essential WAV From Mars. It is a streamlined edition of their product catalog which is optimized for quick download (1 GB in size) and easy browsing. You can take your time downloading the full packs while making music with the essential sounds in WAV format.

More info: All the Samples From Mars ($39 sale price)

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