Steinberg Releases FREE Navia Harp HALion Instrument By Sonic Atoms


Steinberg releases Navia Harp, a FREE HALion instrument by Sonic Atoms.

When we think of the harp, it’s probably fair to say that words like beautiful, ethereal, and dreamy come to mind. While the sound of a harp is all those things, it’s also far more versatile than we might initially assume.

Combining a classic harp’s sound (sampled at Monochrom Studio in an orchestral setup) with modern effects, Sonic Atoms created an instrument that explores the harp’s versatility.

Navia Harp sounds fantastic and runs in Steinberg’s free HALion Sonic, wherein lies the source of my instant mixed emotions. 

It’s been a couple of years since I covered a HALion instrument with Lofi Piano, and although there have been many releases since then, I haven’t yet been tempted back.

The sad truth is that Steinberg’s Download Assistant and eLicenser made me so incredibly frustrated that I can’t even remember whether the instrument was good or not. 

I typically focus on the positives and don’t overly criticize download processes/requirements, but Steinberg had me feeling like early 2000s Ashton Kutcher was about to jump out and tell me I’d just been Punk’d.

So, cards on the table, as I’m writing, I haven’t yet re-installed anything from Steinberg. Judging by more recent releases, like Taped Vibes, there still seems to be a general disconnect regarding download/activation.

However, my predicament now is that I’m a sucker for orchestral instruments/libraries, and Navia Harp sounds incredible, which is a real credit to Sonic Atoms. Should I return to Steinberg?

For now, I’ll focus on the fantastic sound.

As the demo video points out, the harp is ideal for transitions (not just running the whole-tone scale for cheesy dream sequences). It works in so many genres, from Classical music to Trap and EDM or Pop music in the realm of someone like Lana Del Rey.

My favorite thing about the harp is that it’s so emotionally versatile, especially in the context of video scoring; it can be light, dark, hopeful, sinister, etc.

Again, in credit to Sonic Atoms, the developer has captured the essence of the harp in great detail, and the addition of modern effects will help push that versatility further and apply it to various genres more easily.

The onboard effects include Filter, Distortion, Tape Delay, Delay, and Reverb Sections. The interface also includes an adjustable Velocity Curve setting, which I think is important for such expressive instruments.

Sometimes, your playing style or the controller you’re using makes it hard to get the perfect touch for a specific piece, and a simple velocity curve tweak can make a huge difference.

I like it, and I’ll get off the fence, one side or the other, shortly!

Navia Harp runs in the free HALion Sonic in all major DAWs.

Download: Navia Harp (FREE)


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    • Can’t download that from Sonic Atoms anymore, I guess because Steinberg took it over ?

      But there is also free Novel Piano for Halion Player that can be had from Sonic Atoms.

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