Soundware’s Octane Rompler Plugin Is Now FREE


Soundware has made its Octane rompler plugin available for free for Mac and Windows.

Soundware describes Octane as “the pro-grade rompler that changed the game by making professional tools accessible to anyone.”

The developer explains that the plugin was designed by producers for producers and is “the top choice for sound creation. With lots of ready-to-use presets and effects, Octane helps you make great music fast!”

The plugin includes reverb, delay, filter, distortion, trance gate, two arpeggiators, stereo image and more. 

To download Octane, you’ll need to provide a name and email address. Note that being added to the Soundware mailing list is ticked by default, although you can untick the box.

The base Octane release was previously $20 and is now free.

The second tier, Octane Complete, is now priced at $20 and the top tier, Soundware Complete, is $59. 

The free version of Octane includes the plugin, 350 factory instruments, and an expansion pack library.

The second tier features all of the above and “+2000 Pro Instruments.”

The top tier includes all of the above plus all Soundware plugins as well. The other included Soundware plugins are the Sylo sampler, Vybe multi-effects tool and the Tize multi-instrument rompler. 

If you want to see Octane in action, Soundware hosts four YouTube videos on the product page.

Two of these videos were uploaded by the developers themselves, while the other two feature demos and walkthroughs by users. 

Together, the videos give quite an in-depth look into what the plugin is capable of. 

As you can hear in the demos, even within a single pack, there can be quite a wide sonic palette available. 

Once you combine the different packs then the effects and alterations you can make to the sounds, there is truly an enormous amount of sounds on tap with Octane.

The plugin integrates a store that has more than 2000 sounds. Soundware is regularly added to the collection of sound packs moving forward as well. 

Octane features layers, which allow you to “make your sounds richer by stacking samples.” The developer suggests extending the Layers functionality by “reversing a sample or adding an arpeggiator to another – your choice!”

Soundware lists the following options for layers: ADSR, tuning, arpeggiator, reverse, ring modulation, and tremolo.

Download: Octane (FREE – email required)


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  1. I will check it out

    I note that the barebone Octane is free, Octane Complete and Soundware Complete is payware

    To compare Octane free has 350 patches, AAS Swatch player got over 700 now

  2. I got a deal on the upgrade package a few years ago and I’m still really happy with this little rompler. The sounds are great, and there’s a lot you can do to tweak the sound design. Soundware was also very responsive when I had technical issues. There was an update with a fix the next day. I haven’t had any issues since, and they’ve consistently pushed new updates and sound packs. Money well spent!

  3. I downloaded the free version and I saw the offer of 20 euros for a version with three libraries…
    I’ve been tempted, but honestly I didn’t like the presets or sounds of the free version at all, nothing at all.
    In my case I can’t find anything useful…
    a shame

    • I’ve had it a couple of years it but hardly use it because it has to be online.. my Internet connection isn’t always great

  4. Michael Jackson


    I bought the full Soundware Complete for $29.95 some weeks ago (email special) and really like them but I DON’T like having to log into their server to always use their software (buyer beware).

    The VST3 of Octave has alot of crackles like lo-fi vinyl but the VST2 only has it on certain banks (windows 7).

    Haven’t tried it on Windows 11 as I don’t like having to be connected to the internet to use software. That why I like Vital – I can use it in “off-line mode”. Soundware needs to do the same.

    • “Haven’t tried it on Windows 11 as I don’t like having to be connected to the internet to use software.”

      So this plugin is online-only? Major dealbreaker to me if that’s the case.

      • Michael Jackson


        I just installed the plugin on Windows 11 and, Yes, you have to have an account to use it and login. The plugin will then automatically log you each when you load the plugin. So it is online-only.

  5. Rhythmic Robot has released a Kontakt instrument based on the Maccambell RC-501 analog Drummachine from 1979/80, and it cost €4 as intro price

  6. Downloading and installing without any problems, but after that the device spits out no sound, not even as a standalone, what am I doing wrong here?

  7. Unable to access the installer when clicking the link:

    Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

    We can’t connect to the server at

    If you entered the right address, you can:

    Try again later
    Check your network connection
    Check that Firefox has permission to access the web (you might be connected but behind a firewall)

    Support is not helping much. My internet connection is working perfectly on everything else. Pity.

  8. I just installed this free version. It has a lot of nice features. I really like it. However; when I go to in-app store in the VST3 version to download new sound sets it says “error. try downloading in the standalone version instead” when I go the standalone version and try it again, it says “error. make sure you have a stable internet connection”. It’s a fun Rompler as is, but I guess I’ll never know it’s full potential or be able to upgrade or expand it further. I’m on MacOS 13.5.2 on a 2021 iMac M1 in case that matters

    • Michael Jackson


      I have the full version (got it for $29.95 instead of $49 – I have NO idea how I got on their email list) and only the NuWave soundpak gives me that error. But I just tried it now (2 weeks later) and its downloading using the VST2 plugin!

      I still don’t like that it doesn’t have a off-line mode.

      SYL0 is a fun VST to play with if you are having creative block. I don’t see it as serious-making music but more like FUN-making-music. I haven’t messed with TIZE and VYBE as much yet but I will. It looks like those two don’t require you to be on the internet – only for registration. I’ll have to check again when I get time.

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