Transient+ Plugin By Audio Assault Is FREE For A Limited Time


Audio Assault is giving away its Transient+ ($10 value) transient shaper effect as a completely free download from their website for a limited time only.

Transient+ is a transient shaper effect in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. It features transient (attack) and post-transient (sustain) amplitude controls, along with a built-in digital clipper circuit for transient clipping and distortion. The attack and sustain parameters come with the option 2X switch which doubles their effect on the audio signal.

The plugin also features a mix knob, a bypass switch, a master volume control, and a built-in preset manager. The mix knob is used to blend the processed signal with the original audio, resulting in a more controlled and transparent sound.

Transient+ is normally priced at $10 but you can download it completely free of charge from Audio Assault’s website for a limited time. A valid email address is required to complete the checkout process.

Audio Assault is also running a Black Friday special, offering twenty best-selling plugins for $49.99 (standard price is $745.99). The bundle includes virtual guitar preamps and effect pedals, two acoustic drum kits, as well as a set of mixing tools for saturation and transient shaping.

More info: Audio Assault Transient+ (free for a limited time only)

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