BPB Exclusive: Get 30% Off Genesis – Biomorphing Lifeforms Soundbank


HydraTek & Spektralisk joined forces again to create an exclusive offer to BPB readers valid until the end of May for their latest collaborative project.

The project is called Genesis – Biomorphing Lifeforms, and it’s a flagship soundbank for Phase Plant.

It is also a sample pack covering complex and futuristic sound effects that resemble living forms or imaginary organisms inspired by biomechanical, creature-like, and natural elements.

This collection has been specifically created to meet the needs of game audio designers, sound designers for sci-fi films, and anyone looking to augment their music production with highly unique, customizable, and versatile sound effects.

There are three editions of Genesis available: 

  • The Phase Plant Bank edition includes 100 presets for the mighty Phase Plant synthesizer.
  • The Sample Pack edition contains 382 samples divided into ‘Shorts’ and ‘Longs’ categories, created using the Phase Plant presets. 
  • The Bundle edition includes both of the above versions for a cost-effective solution.

The Sample Pack edition is thought for those who don’t own Phase Plant but still want a vast collection of intricate sound effects rendered in WAV format for instant use.

Owners of Phase Plant will enjoy a soundbank carefully designed to give the user a greater amount of flexibility in terms of audio manipulation and to be able to achieve complex results quickly. 

Each of the 100 presets employs 8 themed macros and the mod wheel, which also acts somewhat as a super-macro since it controls multiple macros simultaneously for a multidimensional expression control.

The naming of the macros reflects the concept of the pack, so you can feel the power of altering the sound inner properties and hearing the “organism” come alive and transform in various ways.

The product page has a detailed explanation of the macro system, but let’s give a few details.

The first 4 macros are fixed to ensure consistency when working with sound during music production.

Let’s say you already created some automation lanes assigned to any of those macros, you can then expect a similar behaviour when switching preset.

For instance, the M1 macro refers to MORPH, which changes the shape and timbre of the sound, while the M3 macro, called WILD, makes the sound more aggressive and uncontrolled.

The remaining 4 macros are flexible and change through presets for more variety and creative options.

Overall, it’s an experimental and unique sound library guaranteed to amaze sonic explorers.

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