Psycho Circuitry Releases FREE Transient REShaper Plugin


Psycho Circuitry has just released another freebie, called Transient REShaper, and it’s available for both Windows and macOS systems.

We recently covered Razorgate, a free gate processor with added character.

Following what seems to be the company’s signature in plugin development, Transient REShaper features some analogue-inspired VCA envelopes for that extra bit of attitude.

Please note that the plugin is available in FREE and paid versions. The freeware edition is located below the paid one on the product page.

The product page presents an introductory video to transient detection systems, and it’s a highly informative resource for anyone interested in some DSP theory. 

How does the plugin work?

Transient REShaper features a level-independent transient detection algorithm to ensure transients and sustained portions of a signal are detected no matter the signal’s average level.

The free version lets you choose whether the circuit detects the Transient or the Sustain only by clicking on the switch under the Mode tab at the center of the interface.

Then, you’re able to reshape, as the plugin’s name suggests, the envelope of the sound to your needs.

There are four main knobs to customize the effect: GAIN, SENSE, reSHAPE, and SPEED.

Let’s break down each one briefly.

The GAIN knob lets you emphasize or deemphasize through expansion or compression processing.

The SENSE knob narrows or widens how much of the signal is detected, acting as a sensibility control of the transient detection system.

The SPEED knob adjusts how quickly the circuit reacts to the incoming signal.

The reSHAPE knob, which is the standout feature, redesigns the gain boost or attenuation in a non-linear way.

You’ll find more perks inside Transient REShaper like the Delta switch, the CV Bleed control, Oversampling up to x16, selectable Stereo operation modes, and a Wet Mix slider.

It’s a pretty advanced tool, considering it is free!

The Delta switch lets you focus on listening to just the signal being processed by the plugin to better understand what you’re doing.

The CV Bleed control adds some intermodulation distortion from the control signal that you can blend in to taste for more grit.

You can also select whether the plugin operates in Stereo, Mono, or Dual Mono modes.

The interface is freely resizable, or you can switch on pre-defined GUI sizes in the lower-left of the interface.

At the centre of the window, a circular shape is displayed with blue illumination whenever a transient/sustain portion is detected in the circuit.

A global Bypass button is included, too, to quickly compare the before and after of the processing.

Download: Transient REShaper (FREE)


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