KV331 Audio SynthMaster 2 Player Is FREE For A Limited Time


KV331 Audio offers the SynthMaster 2 Player ($29 value) synthesizer plugin as a FREE download until November 1st, 2022.

SynthMaster 2 Player is a streamlined version of the flagship SynthMaster 2, and it’s currently free for a limited time. This entry-level version usually costs $29, which was already a good deal.

KV331 Audio’s popular SynthMaster plugin has been around for a long time, and despite picking up multiple awards over the years, I think it still flies a little under the radar.

When I say it flies under the radar a little, it’s not because people don’t know about it; I think some people don’t realize or forget how good it is. I’m guilty of not always including Synthmaster in my handful of go-to synths, and typically, when I use it, I think, why didn’t I go to SynthMaster sooner?

Despite being a streamlined version of the original, SynthMaster 2 Player has a lot to offer for $29, even better while it’s free.

It’s primarily aimed at users who prefer to use presets (or need a good preset synth for a project/performance), and it doesn’t provide the depth of sound design options you get from the full version.

SynthMaster 2 Player has 2,000 factory presets created by a diverse group of talented sound designers.

You can listen to preset demos on the product page, and there’s a lot to like, but Kevin Schroeder’s cinematic presets and Rob Lee’s euphoric and ethereal sounds stood out for me.

There’s a smart preset browser to help you navigate the many options quickly.

I know enough musicians who think preset is a swear word, and every sound has to be unique. So, any potential users who aren’t keen on sticking to presets will be glad to know that you do have some level of control.

Each preset features eight easy knobs and two XY pads that control parameters assigned by the sound designers. The easy knobs control things like Attack, Release, ModTone, and ChorusFX, enough to tweak the preset into something more personalized.

If you don’t have SynthMaster 2 Player yet, it’s a no-brainer; get it while it’s free.

Windows users should also check GreenWave from RepliCat for another synth freebie (still in the Beta stage).

SynthMaster 2 Player is available in AU, VST, and AAX formats for macOS/iOS (M1 supported) and Windows.

Download: SynthMaster 2 Player (FREE until November 1st, 2022)


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  1. I got it but the zipfile seems to only contain the .pkg for macos, The product name on the order screen is “SynthMaster 2 Player for Windows/MacOSX” but there’s no windows download.

    Am I missing something?

    However: since I’m a fancy hax0r man, I took the download URL and tried a few variations on the ID. I got a hit for the windows zip. Today’s serial didn’t work, but I had the serial from the 12/2020 giveaway (which also had the macos-only issue) and it worked. It’s synthmaster player 2.9 (the same product and version as today’s giveaway).

    • Michal Ochedowski


      You can log into the website’s User Area using your email address and serial number of the product. Then all available downloads should be listed. I still have access to both versions of SynthMaster Player (two different serial numbers). I can get the latest one, which is v2.9.15 to be precise and the one I received some time ago which was v2.9.8.

  2. The embedded Youtube vid seems to be about Karanyi Sounds Minipol, rather than Synthmaster.

    (Thanks for the article as usual James.)

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      That’s what happens when I edit five articles at the same time. 😫 Thanks for catching this, I added the correct video.

    • Wow, the demos on the website sound pretty damn good. Their phaser also has a great sound. I think I will have to try them next weekend!

  3. Maybe a silly question to ask lol, but has anyone on here tried Ableton Note app for iOS ? Is it any good ? I guess it for beginners 😊

      • yup they are giving away , its written in FAQ “To improve both user experience and the general performance of FileSilo we have now opened up assets to all users, across all titles!”

        • To take an example, this means anyone can get Bifilter 2 that Tone 2 still sell for 40 bucks

    • Anything particularly “special” that i should try grabbing from there?
      (Too much history there & not enough personal time to browse through everything.)

  4. The expansions are on sale at the moment for $5 each. I got the sounds like Wendy Carlos and Vangelis/Jarre sets. They are good reproductions of the original synths from the albums ie switched on Bach, blade runner and oxygene. If you buy the two packs then the Synthmaster which is also $5 is thrown in for free. I am not into sound manipulation so the synthmaster player suits me fine. Note I do not work for nor do I get any payback from this company I am just reporting my experience as at 1st November 2022.

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