RepliCat Releases FREE GreenWave Virtual Synthesizer


RepliCat released GreenWave, a freeware virtual synthesizer in VST3 plugin format for digital audio workstations on Windows.

GreenWave is a dual-oscillating software synth aiming to deliver the best modern synthesis while maintaining some classic roots.

If we take a walk through the stylish but uncomplicated GUI, it starts with the two oscillators. You’ll see Oscillator One on the left and Oscillator Two on the right.

Each oscillator has an independent ADSR Envelope, as well as Tuning controls. The Tune section has sliders for both Semitones and Cents, which means you can get micro-tonal, should the mood take you there.

Also, since we don’t cover cents often, it’s worth noting that one cent is one-hundredth of a semitone. Some people might think it’s obvious, but it’s not uncommon for beginners to assume that one cent is one-hundredth of a whole tone. Either way, if you ever bump into rapper 50 Cent, you can now call him things like half a semitone or quarter step.

GreenWave features over ten handcrafted waveforms and up to sixteen unison voices per oscillator, giving a max total of 32.

Between the two oscillators, you’ll see the Filter controls (Cut and Resonance) and a built-in Spectrum Analyzer and Oscilloscope.

The GUI, including the Spectrum Analyzer and Oscilloscope, has a bit of a hand-drawn look. I’m not saying it’s messy or sketchy; it just has a less refined image than some, which kind of matches its potential for organic sounds.

GreenWave also features two dedicated ADSR Modulation Envelopes, Waveform Morphing, and a Randomize Patch button.

Near the bottom of the GUI, right above the keyboard, are some tabs where you can find the LFOs. There are two LFOs, both of which are fully-featured oscillators.

GreenWave looks and sounds like a cool project; the demo video shows multiple instances providing different sounds (and a catchy little track).

The synth works in standalone mode or as a VST3 plugin for Windows.

It’s free to download, but you can name your price if you feel generous.

Other recent synth freebies include XORbot from Fugue State Audio, and Sphinx 2 by Infected Sounds.

Download: GreenWave


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    • Hi, same thing with me. Crashed twice in Live 11 Suite, the first time on the second knob movement, the second time it took about half a minute. Well, deleted.
      Too bad, because I was really excited about the synth.

  1. das gleiche in cubase10 , windows . cubase hängt sich, beim ändern von soundparametern , mit einem ohrenbetäubenden brummton auf und lässt sich nur noch über den taskmannager schliessen . grauenhafter schrott , das teil !!!

    • lossoflove - greenwave team


      Hey hey , wir sind noch in der entwicklung und das ganze ist noch eine alpha version :) die größten bugs werden bald behoben sein! Leider ist Replicat alleine weshalb sich das ganze entwas zieht.

      • Moin, na das klingt doch gut. Dann viel Erfolg und ich freue mich schon darauf, den Synth weiter zu testen.
        Alles Gute und bleibt gesund.

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