Arturia Releases FREE Analog Lab Play Virtual Instrument Plugin


Arturia introduces Analog Lab Play, a FREE version of the production-standard Analog Lab plugin.

On 31st October 2023, Arturia introduced a few important additions and updates to the Analog Lab family.

The most significant news is the release of Analog Lab Play, a free and simplified version of Arturia’s virtual keyboard/synth collection.

Analog Lab has been around for years (in various versions), and it remains a go-to source of authentic vintage keyboard/synth sounds for many musicians. Given its popularity, I’m sure most of you know that this latest release isn’t the first free version on offer.

Analog Lab Intro is a free, downsized version of Analog Lab V typically bundled with Arturia MIDI keyboard controllers (before that, it was Analog Lab Lite).

With that in mind, the question is, why do we need another version? Well, the new simplified interface appears to hold the answer.

Arturia designed Analog Lab Play’s minimalist interface to provide quick and intuitive control over every sound. The simplified GUI features only the most essential macro controls for each preset, and like previous versions, browsing presets is easy.

This simplified approach might reduce some elements of complete control for some users, but a simple approach often gives us more creative freedom as we’re less likely to get in our own way.

The concept behind Analog Lab Play is in the name; it’s about playing, immediate access, and immediate creativity.

Although Analog Lab Play is a freebie, it seems that Arturia is heavily invested in the Play concept. As part of the release day announcement, Arturia also revealed that existing Analog Lab V and Intro users would get a free update, giving them access to the minimalist Play View within their current version.

I’ve been a fan of Analog Lab for a while, and I think it was always pretty user-friendly anyway, but the Play View will be great for beginners and anyone who spends more time trying to craft the perfect sound than playing.

Of course, as beneficial as a sleek new interface is, we need some new sounds, too, and we get everything from trap bass to ambient synth pads. Analog Lab Play features 100 new presets from the flagship V Collection and Pigments.

In one last bit of news, Analog Lab V will become Analog Lab Pro with this new update.

If you haven’t tried Analog Lab before, I suggest giving it a go; in my opinion, Arturia’s collection delivers some of the best free virtual instrument sounds available.

In entirely unrelated news, please check out the latest FREE Cinematic SFX collection from Flame Sound; it’s epic!

Download: Analog Lab Play (FREE) 


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    • When I looked in my Arturia Software Center it showed an update for Analog Lab V describing what was in the article, and mentioning a button/tab to get to.Pro version.

  1. Michal Ochedowski


    First click on the link – it worked. However I cancelled the download at 3.2 GB. There was no way of telling when it was going to stop and my hard drive was grinding data like crazy. If anyone is interested, the download is for what appears to be a full Analog Lab V.

  2. Only 100 presets, that is a bit skimpy, hope they can be stacked.
    To compare AAS Player has fewer controls, but is better value, as it now features over 700 presets

  3. I got Analog Lab Intro for free with an Arturia interface. Some of the presets sound incredibly good. However some of the presets absolutely eat the CPU alive, which explains why the GUI has a panic button!

    • I don’t think so, as far as I understand the free version is a cut down version of Intro.
      The free version looks very much like a platform to sell further soundsets.

  4. No need to get Analog Lab Play if you already have Analog Lab Intro, just launch Arturia Software Center to update Analog Intro to the latest version, it will include the new interface.

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