Thenatan Tape FX Plugin Is FREE For A Limited Time!


Thenatan offers the Tape FX plugin for FREE for a limited time during the Black Friday sale.

Thenatan’s Black Friday sale includes a massive discount on the developer’s latest plugin – Tape FX.

Tape FX, usually $79.50, is a cassette player simulator, and during this special offer, you can grab it for just $9.50. But you can also get it for FREE if you apply the coupon code Tape23 at checkout.

Thenatan tags Tape FX as “that missing LoFi plugin,” which, for some of you, might prompt the question: do I really need another LoFi plugin?

Well, there’s certainly no shortage of LoFi plugins, but I have to admit, no matter how many I’ve heard, I never miss a chance to listen to one more.

Even the most subtle variations become interesting when you love a particular sound. I love the sound of nostalgia, especially in the form of imperfect tech from my younger days.

Tape FX simulates vintage cassette players and offers seven different effect units.

The featured effect units are Noise, Space, Echo, Glitch, Drive, 8-Bit, and Drops. None of these effect units are particularly unusual for this kind of plugin, but in combination, they produce some authentic cassette characteristics that sound great.

The effect units that interest me most are Noise, Glitch, and Drops.

Noise is interesting because, as well as the nine featured textures, you can import textures via drag-and-drop to create something more customized. Glitch provides robotic time stretching, and I’m pretty sure anything robotic from the 80s has to be cool.

The Drops effect unit emulates a tape getting stuck and catching up again, which is always a winner with LoFi music if not overused.

The Tape FX GUI (resizable up to 200%) replicates a vintage cassette player, making it pretty cool to look at and easy to navigate.

Instead of the clunky but lovable transport buttons you’d typically find below the cassette deck, Tape FX has six distinct cassette types that you can shape further using the effect units. These base types include Telephone Cassette Recorder, Walkman Player, and Radio Recorded Through Walkman.

This is how your shopping cart should look when you apply the coupon code Tape23.

This is how your shopping cart should look after you apply the coupon code Tape23.

In addition to the base types or flavors, Tape FX features 70 factory presets.

Speaking of nostalgia and tech from yesteryear, why not double down on tape with our BPB Dirty VHS?

Tape FX is available in AU, VST, and VST3 formats for macOS (64-bit) and Windows (32 & 64-bit).

Check out the deal: TAPE FX (FREE with coupon code Tape23)


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  1. Thanks for the info, I will check it out :-)

    Got an E-mail this afternoon from Beat Mag/Plugins-Samples that they offer a 3,7 GB Dolby Atmos Audio Suite for free

    “The suite includes a vast number of software, VST/AU plugins and DAW templates which will help you with positioning your sounds in the virtual 3D space”

  2. I have applied for the last two Thenetan .. Pump and Tape FX.
    Neither has ever been delivered, deapite re-applying for both. Just thought you should know as you are re-dorecting people to an unreliable offer.

    • unlucky for you. I received both immediately upon request. Not fair to call it unreliable when your experience is in the minor.

  3. I was able to download the plugin using the Tape23 discount code but never received a license for said plugin in. How do you go about obtaining a license?

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