Get 50% OFF Left Field Drum Breaks Volume 7 – Snap Crackle Edition from A.J. Hall


A.J. Hall has released Left Field Drum Breaks Volume 7 – Snap Crackle Edition (£40), and you can grab a 50% discount using the code “AJHALLBREAKS.”

The discount is available site-wide, and you can apply the same code to any individual pack or bundle.

If you opt for the All Breaks Bundle and Everything But The Breaks Bundle, you’ll get every one of A.J.’s drum samples to date and save a small fortune in the process.

Volume 7 of this Left Feld Drum Breaks series focuses on Funk drum textures and includes some serious grooves.

The pack is inspired by James Brown and Isaac Hayes, and you’ll hear elements of the legendary Purdie Shuffle. This Snap Crack Edition focuses on 16th note grooves and snare ghost notes to create genuine Funk textures.

The pack includes 50 new drum breaks and ten bonus percussion loops as an optional extra.

Every break in the pack has been mastered to 1/4″ analog tape, adding to the 1970s character.

All breaks are different, in 16-bar patterns, and come in 44.1 Hz 16-bit WAV format. You can create something unique with unprocessed multi-tracks, providing raw stems from every drum break.

The files are BPM-marked and ready to drop into your session.

Master Clearance is guaranteed for these samples, and no portion of beat sales is required for platforms like Beatstars. Publishing splits are only encouraged for large major label placements, and in that event, only single-digit split percentages will be needed.

If you aren’t already familiar with A.J. Hall, check out his epic breaks using our BPB Dirty Filter.

What I like most about A.J.’s collections is always the authenticity; space is never wasted nor filled frivolously. People sometimes throw sample packs together, and despite everything appearing to be in its right place at the surface level, they feel mechanical.

When I listen to these breaks, I hear a drummer who has developed an authenticity through time, effort, and understanding (and natural talent, of course), which is especially important in a genre like Funk.

I remember being a young pianist transitioning from music like Bartók to music like Monk or George Clinton. I’m sure I convinced myself that it would be fine as long as I played the right notes, and through many early gigs, I played (mostly) the right notes, and it wasn’t fine. Luckily, the other musicians politely (or not) let me know!

Apologies for the unsolicited flashback; my point is there are some fantastic musicians around who care about what they put their name on, and A.J. Hall is one of them.

So, if you need funky breaks with personality and authenticity, get them now with 50% off.

Check out the deal: Left Feld Drum Breaks Volume 7 – Snap Crackle Edition (50% off using code “AJHALLBREAKS”)


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