2B Played Music Offers QFX Color Plugin For FREE Until February 5th


2B Played Music’s QFX Color analog-like filter, which normally costs €17, is now free until February 5, 2024.

You can pick up the Windows and Mac plugin by using the coupon code QFXKNOB at checkout on the product page linked below. 

2B Played Music released the QFX Color sound coloring, analog-like filter in June 2023. 

The developer describes the plugin as a “shortcut to professional-grade filter effects that resonate with listeners.”

2B Played Music explains that QFX Color’s “high-quality low-pass and high-pass filters replicate the rich sound color and precision of top-notch analog gear.”

The release is designed to help producers cut down on the time spent tweaking menus to get the filter effects they want, and instead provide a quick and easy solution for adding depth and character to your tracks.

The QFX Color YouTube demon on the product page demonstrates what the plugin offers.

The plugin has a very simple design, with a single large rotary knob controlling the frequency range of the filter, which spans from the depths of 20 Hz right up to 20 kHz.

2B Played Music states that this range adds versatility, noting that “Whether you’re sculpting thunderous bass lines or delicate melodies, QFX Color ensures your sonic palette knows no bounds.”

The layout also includes selectors that allow you to control the Resonance and Tone. Resonance offers five settings, while Tone enables you to toggle between “warm and inviting low-pass filtering or the crisp brilliance of high-pass filtering.”

There is also a level meter on the right and a preset selector at the bottom of the interface. 

It’s quite a handy little plugin, and there’s definitely a place in the toolkit for a no-nonsense solution that can quickly add a musical filter to a track. 

QFX Color is available for VST3 for Windows, while Mac users have more options, as the plugin is available for AU and VST3 for macOS.

QFX Color is part of the QFX One Series of plugins from 2B Played Music, all of which are made with the same streamlined, easy-to-use design philosophy. 

If this is up your alley, then you are in luck, as the entire plugin inventory at 2B Played Music is currently on sale.

In fact, the entire QFX One Series is on sale for 40% in a bundle deal that includes six plugins. 

The deals go up to 60% off, and the sale ends after February 17, 2024.

Check out the deal: QFX Color (FREE until February 5th using the coupon code “QFXKNOB”)


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  1. thanks! this is working well for me.. going thru some projects today and it cleaned up some boomy tracks and reduced harsh highs on others, with quick ease!

  2. By the product description, you’d think it’s some sort of crazy harmonically-saturated parallel enhancer or something.
    It’s. Just. A. Filter.

  3. I already have several other plugins from 2B Played Music that work well. But this plugin doesn’t work for me on Windows (10), even though it’s stored in the VST3 folder, it just doesn’t appear in my DAW. Can you use QFX color on Windows?

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    Sub Ninja for Windows and Mac (VST3, AU and AAX) is now available to purchase for $29.99 USD. However, for the month of February you can get the plugin for FREE by using discount code REKKERD at the checkout!


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