DrumThrash Releases FREE Acoustic Drum Samples In WAV Format


DrumThrash recently released a free acoustic drum pack in WAV format, which is universally compatible with any DAW or setup. 

As the name DrumThrash suggests, the pack seems a natural fit for use with hard rock or metal, given the demos on the product page have names like Beat Blaster and Snare Slayer. 

That said, the samples are not super genre-specific and haven’t been given much processing that locks them into a genre or anything, so there would definitely be applications for the sounds beyond metallic brutality. 

This is a deliberate choice from the developer, as they state the sounds are the full unreleased drum samples from the DrumThrash standalone drum software, which gives you “the freedom to shape and edit the sounds to suit your creative vision.”

DrumThrash describes the drum pack samples as a “natural-sounding acoustic drum set” and states that the kit “is capable of producing subtle, articulate beats as well as massive powerhouse beats.”

The developer recorded the drum kit in a spacious studio and gave users access to multiple microphones to take advantage of this. 

The samples have been captured in 48 kHz, 24-bit WAV files. The available mic choices are: 

Balcony, Big, Close Room, Dry, Hat, Kick In, Kick Out, Natural, Overheads, Snare Bottom, Snare Top, T1 and T2. 

DrumThrash lists the following samples for the pack: cymbals, rides, open hi-hats, closed hi-hats, a hi-hat pedal, toms, kicks, and snares. 

You can hear the samples via the six embedded demos on the product page below. DrumThrash also hosts the demos on their official YouTube channel. 

The developer has made the download process very easy. You can access the files directly from the provided Google Drive or Dropbox link without any personal information or account signup required. 

The samples originate from the DrumThrash Drum Machine Software release, a standalone drum machine for PC. 

You can hear the standalone software sounds on the DrumThrash website or YouTube channel, which showcase different beats and styles than the demos for the free samples. 

The DrumThrash Drum Machine, which is a Windows 7 and above release, is available with a 10-day free trial. After the trial is up, the purchase of a license key is required to continue using the software.

Download: DrumThrash (FREE)


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  1. I see nothing about a license or use restriction on these samples. We would have to assume they are not free to use on anything commercial unless otherwise stated.

    • Avatar photo

      Steve Charlton


      The developer does mention that on the product page, saying “The provided samples are free of any royalty charges, meaning you can use them in any way without legal obligations or restrictions.”

  2. I can’t believe this site still exists, looks like from 15 years ago.
    Anyway you don’t need the poor-looking DrumTrash Drum Machine, the download gives wav files which you can layer yourself or just use the velocities you want.
    Worth a download if you don’t have natural rock sounding kits. But imo better go with MT Powerdrums or SSD5 both free and great quality, BFD Player also worth a shot and free too.

    • Avatar photo

      Steve Charlton


      Yes you’re right about not needing the drum machine to use the samples. We’ll get that line next to the link edited. Cheers.

  3. If you write songs with weird time signatures and want to write something that sounds like a real kit, this is hands down the software to do it.
    You can stitch patterns with different time signatures together directly(a feature I have been looking for, for years), blend different samples together, nudge any beat you want separately to give realistic fills.
    The UI is nothing to shout home about, but I’m not making something to look at.

    Awesome program.

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